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Title MasterMap data
Date/Year 2022
Scale 1:2,500
Ordnance Survey


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  • 19th Century boundary between Dry Bridge Combe and Burcombe (Monument)
  • 19th Century building west of Edbrook Farm (Monument)
  • 19th Century footbridge northeast of Riscombe Farm (Monument)
  • 19th Century routeway in Drybridge Combe (Monument)
  • 19th Century school west of St Mary's Church (Monument)
  • 19th Century water meadow west of West Ilkerton (Monument)
  • 20th Century polo ground at Dunster Deer Park (Monument)
  • Adit no 2 at Bearland Wood Iron Mine (Monument)
  • All Saints Church, Dulverton (Building)
  • All Saints Churchyard, Dulverton (Monument)
  • All Saints Churchyard, Monksilver (Monument)
  • Ashley Combe Lodge, Ashley Combe (Building)
  • Bank Down, Codsend Moor (Monument)
  • Beggearn Huish or Beggearnhuish (Place)
  • Blackford deserted farmstead, Luccombe (Monument)
  • Broad Lane, Exton (Monument)
  • Bronze Age barrow at Beech Tree (Monument)
  • Bronze Age barrow on Honeycombe Hill (Monument)
  • Bronze Age barrow on Shoulsbarrow Common (Monument)
  • Bronze Age barrow on the southeast spur of The Chains (Monument)
  • Bronze Age barrow or cairn at Monkham Hill (Monument)
  • Bronze Age bowl barrow at Monkham Hill (Monument)
  • Bronze Age burial cairn northeast of Joaney How (Monument)
  • Bronze Age burial cairn on Cheriton Ridge (Monument)
  • Bronze Age burial cairn on Cheriton Ridge (Monument)
  • Bronze Age burial cairn on Roosthitchen (Monument)
  • Chains Barrow (Monument)
  • Cutcombe Barrow (Monument)
  • Deer Park, southwest of Simonsbath (Monument)
  • Early 20th Century signpost at Holly Tree triangle (Monument)
  • Edgcott House, Edgcott, Exford (Building)
  • Exe Valley Wagon Works, Bridgetown (Building)
  • Furzepark Quarry (Monument)
  • Herepath or Harepath (Monument)
  • Higher Ponds and Woodman's Cottage, Upper Ponds Cottages, Luxborough (Building)
  • Hillview, Leigh View and Doone Cottage, Parson's Street, Porlock (Building)
  • Hoaroak Cottage, Lynton (Building)
  • Howetown (Place)
  • Kings Brompton Farm, Brompton Regis (Building)
  • Kingsdown Clump, Nettlecombe (Monument)
  • Kittswall Farm Old House, Dunster (Building)
  • Late 19th or early 20th Century signpost at Raleigh's Cross (Monument)
  • Late 19th or early 20th Century well south of Luckesses (Monument)
  • Leather Barrow (Monument)
  • Longstone Barrow, Challacombe Common (Monument)
  • Lyncombe Farmstead, Winsford (Building)
  • Market House, Porlock (Building)
  • Medieval churchyard cross at St Mary's Church (Building)
  • Medieval churchyard cross at St Peter's Churchyard, Exton (Building)
  • Medieval farmstead of Huccombe (Monument)
  • Medieval field system west of Church Farm (Monument)
  • Medieval or post-medieval banks and hollow way east of Twitchen (Monument)
  • Medieval or post-medieval field boundaries northeast of Tethingstone Cottage (Monument)
  • Park Cottage, Aller Wood (Monument)
  • Pickedstones Farm (Building)
  • Porlock Golf Club Clubhouse (Building)
  • Possible World War Two communications structures overlooking Lynton (Monument)
  • Post-medieval building south of Upcott Cottage (Monument)
  • Post-medieval field and field boundary south of Stratford (Monument)
  • Post-medieval house north of Allerford (Monument)
  • Post-medieval kennels north of Upper Ponds Cottages (Building)
  • Post-medieval leat or water course at Tabor Hill (Monument)
  • Post-medieval lime kiln at Bossington Beach (Building)
  • Post-medieval linhay south of Ashton Farm (Monument)
  • Post-medieval pond east of Upcott Cottage (Monument)
  • Post-medieval quarries northwest of Peterswell Lake (Monument)
  • Post-medieval quarry abutting Countisbury Hill Road (Monument)
  • Post-medieval quarry in Beckaway Wood (Monument)
  • Post-medieval quarry north of Broadwood Farm (Monument)
  • Post-medieval quarry north of Vale House (Monument)
  • Post-medieval quarry on Knowle Hill (Monument)
  • Post-medieval water meadow at Higher Clammer (Monument)
  • Post-medieval weir northwest of Frackford Bridge (Building)
  • Post-medieval well and pond north of Oldrey Cross (Monument)
  • Post-mediveal lime kiln southwest of Huish Barton (Monument)
  • St Bartholomew's Churchyard, Rodhuish (Monument)
  • St Dubricius' Church, Porlock (Building)
  • St Dubricius' Churchyard, Porlock (Building)
  • St John's Churchyard, Cutcombe (Monument)
  • St Martin's Church, Elworthy (Building)
  • St Martin's Churchyard, Elworthy (Monument)
  • St Mary Magdalene's Church, Winsford (Building)
  • St Mary Magdalene's Churchyard, Winsford (Monument)
  • St Mary's Church, Brompton Regis (Building)
  • St Mary's Church, Churchtown, Luxborough (Building)
  • St Mary's Churchyard, Churchtown, Luxborough (Monument)
  • St Mary's Churchyard, Nettlecombe (Monument)
  • St Peter's Church, Exton (Building)
  • St Peter's Churchyard, Exton (Monument)
  • St Peter's Churchyard, Treborough (Monument)
  • Stamborough Slate Quarry (Monument)
  • Stoke Pero Church (Building)
  • Stoke Pero Churchyard (Monument)
  • Swansea Farm, Withiel Florey (Building)
  • The Liberator Monument, Porlock Marsh (Monument)
  • Two Bronze Age bowl barrows overlooking Warcombe Water (Monument)
  • Undated stone north of Blue Gate Mine (Monument)
  • Upcott Cottages, Winsford (Monument)
  • World War Two Nissen huts on Bossington Hill (Monument)
  • World War Two structures northeast of Down Linhay (Monument)
  • World War Two vehicle repair centre at Porlock (Monument)

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