Local Heritage List for Somerset and Exmoor

The Somerset and Exmoor Local Heritage List is designed to recognise and celebrate those heritage assets that are not formally recognised with national Designation but are still important to the understanding and appreciation of the area’s heritage. These can include historic buildings, archaeological monuments and sites, places, and landscapes, as long as they make a significant contribution to the historical, architectural, and social character of the County and National Park.  

We encourage nominations from individuals and local community groups to help us identify sites to add to the List. You can find more information on how to nominate a site on the SWHT Local Heritage List’s Nomination webpage; alternatively, you can fill in our Contact Us form with details of the following: 

  • HER Monument reference (if the asset has one); 
  • Site location (such as a street address or grid reference); 
  • Name and description of the site; 
  • Why you think the asset should be added to the list.  

Please then check the box at the bottom that asks if you would like to nominate the site for inclusion in the Local Heritage List. 

Heritage assets that have previously been professionally reviewed may be added to the list as Legacy Candidates. This includes sites identified as “Locally Important Unlisted Buildings” within our Conservation Area Appraisals, which have been the subject of public consultation and adopted formally by the National Park Authority.  

The Exmoor National Park Historic Environment Record (ENPHER) hosts the Local Heritage List data for Exmoor. You can view which sites have been added to the List on our Map, and search using the Advanced Search page (select “Designations”, then type "Local List" in the search box). You can see if a heritage asset has been nominated for the List in its Monument record, under the “Other Statuses/References” section. 

You can find more information on the project, including what local listing means for heritage assets, the selection criteria for assets and how to make a nomination, on the SWHT Local Heritage List website.