Mesolithic hammer stone found near Horsen

Mesolithic hammer stone shown against 10cm scale bar
Front and rear face of hammer stone (© ENPA 2013)

What is it?

This elongated stone pebble has signs of battering at both ends, suggesting it has been used as a hammer tool.

Where was it found?

It was found at Horsen in Exmoor Parish, during fieldwork undertaken as part of the Exmoor Mires Partnership.

Why is it important?

The pebble appears similar to other tools found at sites of Mesolithic date such as Hawkcombe Head. This, combined with its location close to a spring and in a fairly sheltered position, raises the possibility of a Mesolithic occupation site under the peat in this area.

Where can I see it?

The hammer stone is currently on display at Dulverton National Park Centre.