Source/Archive record SSO205 - Exford Tithe Map and Apportionment

Type Map
Title Exford Tithe Map and Apportionment
Date/Year 1840
Somerset Record Office reference number D/D/Rt 386

Please read the Exmoor National Park Historic Environment Record .


N.B. Apportionment lists Reverend Thomas Bayley as owning large areas of land; however the Reverend's surname appears to have been Bealy.

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Referenced Monuments (116)

  • 19th Century agricultural outbuilding west of Stables Cottage (Building)
  • 19th Century building east of Exford Bridge (Monument)
  • 19th Century building southwest of Higher Thorne (Monument)
  • 19th Century footbridge northeast of Riscombe Farm (Monument)
  • 19th Century kennels west of Exford (Building)
  • 19th Century sheepfold west of Court Plantation (Monument)
  • 19th Century stone bridge at Exford (Monument)
  • 19th Century structure southeast of Luckesses (Monument)
  • 19th Century water meadow south of Wellshead Farm (Monument)
  • 19th or 20th Century waterwheel at Pitsworthy Farm (Monument)
  • Almsworthy settlement (Monument)
  • Area of prehistoric field system on Codsend and Hoar Moors (Monument)
  • Ashott Barton, Exford (Building)
  • Bronze Age barrow west of Landacre Lane (Monument)
  • Bronze Age round barrow north of Landacre Bridge, Withypool (Monument)
  • Bronze Age round barrow on Withypool and Exford Parish boundary (Monument)
  • Buckworthy Farm, Exford (Building)
  • Castle Farm, Exford (Building)
  • Chibbet Farmstead, Exford (Building)
  • Chibbett Cottage, Exford (Monument)
  • Coombe (or Combe) Farm, Exford (Building)
  • Court Farm, Exford (Building)
  • Crown Cottage, Chapel Street, Exford (Building)
  • Crown Inn, Exford (Building)
  • Demolished post-medieval house on Chapel Street (Monument)
  • Downscombe Farm, Exford (Building)
  • Edgcott Farm, Exford (Building)
  • Edgcott House, Edgcott, Exford (Building)
  • Edgcott Mill, Exford (Monument)
  • Exford (Place)
  • Exford Bridge (Building)
  • Exford C of E First School (Building)
  • Exmoor House, Exford (Building)
  • Ford Cottage, Exford (Building)
  • Gunn's Cottage, Exford (Building)
  • Hantons, Exford (Building)
  • Higher Barn, Exford (Building)
  • Higher Barn, west of Riscombe (Monument)
  • Higher Linhay, Exford (Monument)
  • Higher Pitsworthy or Pittsworthy Farm, Allcombe Water (Monument)
  • Higher Thorne and Cottages, Exford (Building)
  • Hill Farm, Exford (Building)
  • Holly Tree Cottage, Chapel Street, Exford (Building)
  • Holmoor deserted farmstead (Monument)
  • Holmoor deserted farmstead (Monument)
  • Hurdle Down Barrow (Monument)
  • Juddscott, Chapel Street, Exford (Building)
  • Lark Barrow (Monument)
  • Lower Linhay, Exford (Monument)
  • Lower Thorne Farm, Exford (Building)
  • Ludslade Farm, Exford (Building)
  • Medieval and post-medieval ford at Exford (Monument)
  • Medieval or post-medieval church house at Church Gate, Exford (Monument)
  • Medieval or post-medieval field boundary southeast of Prescott (Monument)
  • Medieval or post-medieval hollow way or field boundary at North Higher Combe (Monument)
  • Medieval or post-medieval site of Redbrooks or Orchard House (Monument)
  • Medieval timber bridge at Exford (Monument)
  • Melcombe Lodge, Barn and Bungalow, Exford (Building)
  • Merrycoombe or Muddicombe Farm (Monument)
  • Methodist Chapel, Chapel Street, Exford (Building)
  • Newland Farm, Exford (Building)
  • North Ley Farm, Exford (Building)
  • North Newland Farm, Exford (Monument)
  • Pippin's Barn, Exford (Monument)
  • Pitsworthy Farm, Exford (Building)
  • Possible 19th Century trial area for Blackland Mine, or post-medieval routeways west of Chibbet Ford (Monument)
  • Possible deserted farm of Lower Wellshead (Monument)
  • Possible Iron Age hillfort at Castle Farm (Monument)
  • Possible post-medieval bridge at Exford (Monument)
  • Possible post-medieval building platform at Ashott Barton (Monument)
  • Possible post-medieval field boundary west of Chibbet Ford (Monument)
  • Post-medieval barn at Wellshead Farm (Building)
  • Post-medieval barn at Wellshead Farm (Building)
  • Post-medieval barn north of Coombe Farmstead (Monument)
  • Post-medieval building facing Park Street, Exford (Monument)
  • Post-medieval building south of Riscombe (Monument)
  • Post-medieval cottage row on Park Street, Exford (Building)
  • Post-medieval cottage west of Marley's Cottage (Monument)
  • Post-medieval deserted farmstead at Ludslade Farm (Monument)
  • Post-medieval farmhouse at Wellshead Farm (Monument)
  • Post-medieval field boundaries around North and South Ley (Monument)
  • Post-medieval field boundary north of Exford (Monument)
  • Post-medieval ford southwest of Higher Mill (Monument)
  • Post-medieval lime kiln and quarry southeast of Monkham House (Monument)
  • Post-medieval linhay and pond north of Higher Mill (Monument)
  • Post-medieval mill at Higher Mill Farm (Monument)
  • Post-medieval or modern foot bridge at Court Farm (Building)
  • Post-medieval parish boundary marker between Cutcombe, Exford and Luccombe parishes (Monument)
  • Post-medieval quarry at Millcleave (Monument)
  • Post-medieval quarry south of Lower Newlands (Monument)
  • Post-medieval quarry southwest of Lower Newlands (Monument)
  • Post-medieval quarry west of Ludslade Farm (Monument)
  • Post-medieval road to Leys Farm (Monument)
  • Post-medieval structure on Stone Lane (Building)
  • Post-medieval water meadow and field boundaries at Buckworthy (Monument)
  • Post-medieval water wheel at Stone Farm (Monument)
  • Prescott Farm (Monument)
  • Riscombe Farm, Exford (Building)
  • Sharcott deserted farmstead, Exford (Monument)
  • Smithy, Chapel Street, Exford (Building)
  • South Ley, Exford (Building)
  • Southcott, Exford (Building)
  • Stone Farmstead, Exford (Building)
  • Swarcombe deserted farmstead (Monument)
  • The Exmoor Stores, Exford (Building)
  • The Exmoor White Horse Inn, Exford (Building)
  • The Green, Exford (Monument)
  • The Old Forge, neighbouring cottage and The Farmers Den, Chapel Street, Exford (Building)
  • Wellshead Farm, Exford (Building)
  • Wellshead Farmhouse, Exford (Building)
  • West Newland Farm in Newland plantation (Monument)
  • Westermill Farm, Exford (Building)
  • Westermill Linhay, Exford (Monument)
  • White House, White House Cottage and Riverside, Exford (Building)
  • Withycombe Farm, Exford (Building)
  • Yealscombe Farm, Exford (Building)

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