Source/Archive record SEM7162 - Porlock Tithe Map and Apportionment

Type Map
Title Porlock Tithe Map and Apportionment
Date/Year 1841
Scale 13.3 inches : 1 mile
Collection reference DD\SAS/H528/20b
Collection reference D/D/Rt/M/430

Please read the Exmoor National Park Historic Environment Record .


Copies of the Tithe Map, which includes enlargements, on scale of 26.6 inches to 1 mile, of Porlock town, Porlock Weir, West Porlock, and Bossington village.

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Referenced Monuments (92)

  • 1 and 2 Ship Cottages, Redway, Porlock (Building)
  • 1 to 6, Lane Head, Worthy Toll Road, Porlock Weir (Building)
  • 1-5 Gibraltar Cottages, Porlock Weir (Building)
  • 17th Century outbuildings at Worthy Manor (Building)
  • 19th Century dock at Porlock Weir (Monument)
  • 19th Century lime kiln at Porlock Weir (Monument)
  • 19th Century pinetum and arboretum at Yearnor Wood (Monument)
  • 19th Century pound west of Splat Barn Cottage (Building)
  • 19th Century shoreline workshops at Porlock Weir (Building)
  • Abington Barn, Bossington (Building)
  • Ash Farm, Porlock (Building)
  • Ash Farmhouse, Porlock (Building)
  • Ashley Combe House, Porlock (Monument)
  • Ashley Combe Lodge, Ashley Combe (Building)
  • Banksia House, Bossington (Building)
  • Beach Cottage, Porlock Weir (Building)
  • Birchanger Farm (Building)
  • Bossington (Place)
  • Bridge House, High Street, Porlock (Building)
  • Bromham Farm, Porlock (Building)
  • Bronze Age burial cairn on Culbone Hill (Monument)
  • Buckethole Farm (Building)
  • Building to the north of Worthy Manor (Monument)
  • Building to the southwest of Worthy Manor (Building)
  • Chapelknap, Worthy Toll Road, Porlock Weir (Building)
  • Court Place Farm, Porlock (Building)
  • Court Place Farmhouse (Building)
  • Coye View, West Porlock (Monument)
  • Decoy Linhay (Building)
  • Demolished buildings on Parson's Street, Porlock (Monument)
  • Dunns Court, West Porlock (Building)
  • Eastcott Farm (Building)
  • Former malthouse on Sparkhayes Lane, Porlock (Building)
  • Green Bridge, Bossington (Building)
  • Hillview, Leigh View and Doone Cottage, Parson's Street, Porlock (Building)
  • Holmbush (Building)
  • Houses fronting Porlock Weir Road, Porlock (Building)
  • Japonica Cottage, Parson's Street, Porlock (Building)
  • Lanes to the west of Bossington (Monument)
  • Late 18th or 19th Century barn southeast of Hillview, Bossington (Building)
  • Manor house at Court Place, Porlock (Monument)
  • Market House, Porlock (Building)
  • Medieval shrunken village at Yearnor (Monument)
  • Milbanke and Wentworth, Ashley Combe (Building)
  • Numbers 3 and 4, Bossington (Building)
  • Old Thatch, Little Thatch and Smallpiece, Parson's Street, Porlock (Building)
  • Park Cottage, Aller Wood (Monument)
  • Pieces of Eight, Porlock Weir (Building)
  • Pitt Farm, Porlock (Building)
  • Porlock (Place)
  • Porlock Parks (Monument)
  • Porlock Vale House (Building)
  • Porlock Weir (Place)
  • Possible Bronze Age barrow site at James's Barrow (Monument)
  • Possible limekilns to the north of Porlockford (Monument)
  • Post-medieval brick and tile works at Porlock Weir (Monument)
  • Post-medieval building to the north of Porlockford (Monument)
  • Post-medieval building to the southeast of Worthy Manor (Building)
  • Post-medieval building within Culbone Wood (Monument)
  • Post-medieval buildings adjacent to Banksia House (Monument)
  • Post-medieval cottage row, Turkey Island, Porlock Weir (Building)
  • Post-medieval drive in Yearnor Wood (Monument)
  • Post-medieval duck decoy and fishponds northwest of Porlock (Monument)
  • Post-medieval enclosures on Hurlstone Point (Monument)
  • Post-medieval ford at Bossington (Building)
  • Post-medieval landscape gardens at Ashley Combe (Monument)
  • Post-medieval lime kiln at Bossington Beach (Building)
  • Post-medieval lime kiln at Bossington Beach (Building)
  • Post-medieval lime kiln at Bossington Beach (Building)
  • Post-medieval lime kiln at Bossington Beach (Monument)
  • Post-medieval lime kiln on Worthy Beach (Building)
  • Post-medieval linhay east of Bossington Farm Cottages, Bossington (Building)
  • Post-medieval outbuilding southeast of Beach Cottage (Monument)
  • Post-medieval pound north of Court Place Farm (Monument)
  • Seaview Cottage and The Old Reading Rooms at Porlock Weir (Building)
  • Snows Orchard, West Porlock (Building)
  • Sparkhayes House (Building)
  • Splat Barn Cottage, Porlock (Building)
  • St Dubricius' Churchyard, Porlock (Building)
  • Talland and Beacon View, Bossington (Building)
  • The Bottom Ship, Porlock Weir (Building)
  • The Cottage, High Street, Porlock (Building)
  • The Culbone Inn (Building)
  • The Old Forge in West Porlock (Building)
  • The Watermill, Hawkcombe, Porlock (Building)
  • Undated subrectangular enclosure above Shillet Combe (Monument)
  • Weirwood deserted medieval farmstead (Monument)
  • West Porlock (Place)
  • Westcott Farm, Porlock (Building)
  • Worthy Manor, Worthy (Building)
  • Worthy Toll Road, Worthy (Monument)
  • Yarnor Moor Lodge (Building)

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