Thesaurus Term/Concept: ROAD

Identifier 70264
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A way between different places, used by horses, travellers on foot and vehicles.

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Context Record
Monument Type MEM23639 "New" Exford Road, Winsford (Monument)
Monument Type MDE21736 19th Century road linking Stony Lane and Two Gates across Parracombe Common (Monument)
Monument Type MDE21722 19th Century road on Venford Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MDE21739 19th Century road west of Roe Barrow (Monument)
Monument Type MEM24848 Adams's Farmstead, Tivington (Building)
Monument Type MDE10940 Former tracks near Tongue Lake Lane [outside Park boundary] (Monument)
Monument Type MEM24266 Gander's Lane (Monument)
Monument Type MEM24654 Glasses Farm, Tacker Street (Building)
Monument Type MSO7609 Hill Road (Monument)
Monument Type MDE8962 Holdstone Holiday Estate, Holdstone Down (Monument)
Monument Type MDE21733 Justapark Lane (Monument)
Monument Type MDE21737 Linton Road, Parracombe (Monument)
Monument Type MEM15233 Lower Road to Porlock Weir (Monument)
Monument Type MDE10896 Lower Rowley (Monument)
Monument Type MEM23860 Medieval and / or post-medieval routeways east of Horner (Monument)
Monument Type MSO11140 Medieval and post-medieval coach road in Dunster Park (Monument)
Monument Type MMO503 Medieval and post-medieval Dunster to Barnstaple road (Monument)
Monument Type MDE21759 Medieval and post-medieval hollow way north of West Ridge (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2049 Medieval and post-medieval routeway south of North Barton (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3222 Medieval or post-medieval hollow way on Woolcombe Allotment (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2910 Medieval or post-medieval hollow way or road northwest of Buttery Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MDE21718 Medieval or post-medieval road across East Anstey Common (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3183 Medieval or post-medieval routeway on Hawkridge Plain (Monument)
Monument Type MMO1787 Medieval or post-medieval routeways crossing Countisbury Common (Monument)
Monument Type MSO11142 Medieval road in Dunster Park (Monument)
Monument Type MSO11017 Medieval routeway on Great Vintcombe (Monument)
Monument Type MEM24111 Piles Lane, a post-medieval routeway north of Baker's Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MEM23930 Popery Lane (Monument)
Monument Type MEM22230 Porlock Hill road (Monument)
Monument Type MDE20515 Possible former routeway west of Stony Corner (Monument)
Monument Type MMO1721 Possible medieval road or hollow way southwest of St Brendan's Church (Monument)
Monument Type MMO1658 Possible medieval roadway or parish boundary feature east of Oare House Allotment (Monument)
Monument Type MEM15658 Possible post-medieval routeway or quarry south of Kinsford Hill road (Monument)
Monument Type MDE21727 Possible post-medieval trackway on Kentisbury Down (Monument)
Monument Type MDE21726 Possible post-medieval trackway through Preston Gate (Monument)
Monument Type MEM24800 Possible Roman Road east of Elworthy (Monument)
Monument Type MSO12617 Post-medieval mine roadway at Ison Mine (Monument)
Monument Type MEM22746 Post-medieval road between Dunster and Loxhole Bridge (Monument)
Monument Type MDE21740 Post-medieval road east of Higher Holworthy (Monument)
Monument Type MDE21723 Post-medieval road east of Venford Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MEM24050 Post-medieval road network between Croydon Hall, Golsoncott and Tacker Street (Monument)
Monument Type MEM24272 Post-medieval road north of Crangs Heasleigh (Monument)
Monument Type MEM24921 Post-medieval road north of Holnicote House and Estate Yard (Monument)
Monument Type MEM24922 Post-medieval road north of Holnicote House and Estate Yard (Monument)
Monument Type MDE20570 Post-medieval road on Rowley Down (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2868 Post-medieval road or hollow way northwest of Stetfold Rocks (Monument)
Monument Type MEM24630 Post-medieval road to Leys Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MEM24734 Post-medieval roadway west of Exford Bridge (Monument)
Monument Type MEM23920 Post-medieval routeway across Dean Common (Monument)
Monument Type MEM24884 Post-medieval routeway along Treborough and Old Cleeve Parish Boundary (Monument)
Monument Type MEM24692 Post-medieval routeway and possible quarry north of Combe Lane (Monument)
Monument Type MEM24627 Post-medieval routeway south of Town Lane (Monument)
Monument Type MDE20604 Post-medieval track south of Badgworthy Cottage (Monument)
Monument Type MDE20438 Post-medieval trackway on Muxworthy Ridge (Monument)
Monument Type MMO1942 Prehistoric or medieval parallel ditches on Lyn Down (Monument)
Monument Type MDE21719 Ridge Road, East Anstey Common (Monument)
Monument Type MDE21720 Road south of East Anstey Common [outside Park boundary] (Monument)
Monument Type MEM24710 Rocky Lane (Monument)
Monument Type MDE21738 Stony Lane (Monument)
Monument Type MEM24076 The Barnstaple and Withypoole Bridle Road (Monument)
Monument Type MEM22199 The Drang, Porlock (Monument)
Monument Type MDE21536 The Esplanade, Lynmouth (Monument)
Monument Type MSO10209 The Linton Road, Exmoor (Monument)
Monument Type MEM24077 The North Molton Road, Emmett's Grange (Monument)
Monument Type MEM24626 Town Lane, Barton Town (Monument)
Monument Type MDE21735 Woolhanger Road, Parracombe (Monument)
Monument Type MSO12639 World War Two military road at North Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MMO626 World War Two tank marshalling area in Moor Wood (Monument)