Thesaurus Term/Concept: MILESTONE

Identifier 70235
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A stone set up on a road or path to mark the miles from or to a place.

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Context Record
Monument Type MEM22268 19th Century milestone east of Frogwell Lodge (Monument)
Monument Type MEM22705 19th Century milestone north of Roborough Gate (Monument)
Monument Type MEM23804 21st Century milestone north of Kitswall Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MSO10546 Early 19th Century milestone north of Oaktrow Quarries (Building)
Monument Type MSO10803 Milestone at Barlynch Woods, Brompton Regis (Monument)
Monument Type MSO10804 Milestone at Lower Stockham Wood, Brompton Regis (Building)
Monument Type MSO10652 Milestone at NGR SS 9208 3485, Exton (Building)
Monument Type MSO10655 Milestone at NGR SS 9230 3336, Bridgetown (Building)
Monument Type MSO10653 Milestone at NGR SS 9258 3206, Exton (Building)
Monument Type MSO10257 Milestone at Quarme Wood (Building)
Monument Type MSO10512 Milestone at Sticklepath (Building)
Monument Type MSO10256 Milestone at Triscombe Gate (Building)
Monument Type MSO10254 Milestone at West Wood (Monument)
Monument Type MSO10416 Milestone north of Raleigh's Cross, Nettlecombe (Monument)
Monument Type MSO10409 Milestone south of Fair Cross (Monument)
Monument Type MDE20615 Milestone south of Higher Westland Farm [outside Park boundary] (Monument)
Monument Type MSO10436 Milestone southeast of Culcombe Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MSO10305 Milestone, north of Chilly Bridge, Brompton Regis (Monument)
Monument Type MSO10434 Milestone, SS96852734, Skilgate (Monument)
Monument Type MSO10437 Post-medieval milestone at Cowbridge (Monument)
Monument Type MDE21157 Post-medieval milestone east of Silkenworthy Knap (Monument)
Monument Type MEM23803 Post-medieval milestone north of Kitswall Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MSO10439 Post-medieval milestone northeast of Harwood Cross (Monument)
Monument Type MDE20610 Post-medieval milestone northwest of Blackmoor Gate (Monument)
Monument Type MDE21202 Post-medieval milestone southwest of Rowley Cross (Monument)