Source/Archive record SMO4578 - The Archaeology of Exmoor: Bideford Bay to Bridgwater

Type Monograph
Title The Archaeology of Exmoor: Bideford Bay to Bridgwater
Date/Year 1970
Publisher David and Charles Limited
BAB Number 71/948
Collection reference 621766

Please read the Exmoor National Park Historic Environment Record .


Detailed archaeological study of Exmoor, extending into the Quantock and the Brendon Hills.

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Referenced Monuments (121)

  • Alleged stone row on Holdstone Hill, Holdstone Down (Monument)
  • Bat's Castle, in Dunster Park (Monument)
  • Beacon Castle, South Down (Monument)
  • Berry Castle, Luccombe (Monument)
  • Black Ball Camp, Gallox Hill (Monument)
  • Bronze Age arrowhead found on Kentisbury Down (Find Spot)
  • Bronze Age axe hammer at Tippacott (Find Spot)
  • Bronze Age barrow or cairn at Monkham Hill (Monument)
  • Bronze Age bowl barrow at Monkham Hill (Monument)
  • Bronze Age bowl barrow north of Elworthy Barrows (Monument)
  • Bronze Age burial cairn on East Pinford (Monument)
  • Bronze Age burial cairn on East Pinford (Monument)
  • Bronze Age burial cairn on Ilkerton Ridge (Monument)
  • Bronze Age burial cairn on Pig Hill (Monument)
  • Bronze Age cist burial in Langridge Wood (Monument)
  • Bronze Age ring cairn on Cheriton Ridge (Monument)
  • Bronze Age round cairn on Thornworthy Common (Monument)
  • Bronze Age stone axe hammer from Leeball Field (Find Spot)
  • Bury Castle, Selworthy (Monument)
  • Caratacus Stone, Winsford Hill (Monument)
  • Countisbury Castle or Wind Hill Promontory Fort (Monument)
  • Cow Castle, south of Winstitchen (Monument)
  • Cross ridge earthwork at Myrtleberry North Camp (Monument)
  • Culbone Stone, Culbone Hill (Monument)
  • Deserted medieval settlement at Badgworthy Water (Monument)
  • Disproved prehistoric standing stones east of Oare Post (Non-antiquity)
  • Disputed prehistoric hut circle next to the West Lyn River (Non-antiquity)
  • East Pinford Stone Alignment (Monument)
  • Eastern of two prehistoric standing stones on Badgworthy Lees (Monument)
  • Furzebury Brake/ East Myne Camp, Selworthy (Monument)
  • Furzehill Common I: Prehistoric stone setting above Warcombe Water (Monument)
  • Furzehill Common II: Prehistoric stone setting on Furzehill Common (Monument)
  • Hangman's Stone, Knap Down (Monument)
  • Hernes Barrow, Court Hill (Monument)
  • Holwell Castle Motte and Bailey, Parracombe (Monument)
  • Iron Age crossridge outwork and field banks southeast of Bat's Castle (Monument)
  • Lady Well, southwest of Lynton (Monument)
  • Late prehistoric clearance cairn on Shallowford Common (Monument)
  • Late prehistoric flint knife found at Furzehill (Find Spot)
  • Late prehistoric flint scatter on Kentisbury Down (Monument)
  • Late prehistoric hut circle on Cheriton Ridge (Monument)
  • Late prehistoric hut circle on Thorn Hill Ridge (Monument)
  • Long Wood Enclosure, Carhampton (Monument)
  • Lyn Long Stones (Monument)
  • Medieval field system and building remains above Hoccombe Water (Monument)
  • Mesolithic or Neolithic hammerstone on Gallox Hill (Find Spot)
  • Myrtleberry North Camp (Monument)
  • Myrtleberry South Camp (Monument)
  • Naked Boy Stone (Monument)
  • Natural outcrop on Cheriton Ridge (Monument)
  • Natural standing stone at South Cleave (Non-antiquity)
  • Natural stone near Brockenbarrow Lane (Non-antiquity)
  • Natural stoneheap on Thorn Hill (Non-antiquity)
  • Neolithic arrowheads on Kentisbury Down (Monument)
  • Netherton (Monument)
  • Porlock Allotment I: Prehistoric stone setting southsoutheast of Black Barrow (Monument)
  • Possible Bronze Age standing stone on Heale Down (Monument)
  • Possible holy well at Blindwell (Monument)
  • Possible hut circle adjacent to Farley Water (Monument)
  • Possible Iron Age hillslope enclosure at Monkslade Common (Monument)
  • Possible iron prospection remains at Myrtleberry North Camp (Monument)
  • Possible late prehistoric finds at Bat's Castle (Find Spot)
  • Possible late prehistoric or Roman rectangular enclosure on Rowley Down (Monument)
  • Possible natural stone on Kentisbury Down (Non-antiquity)
  • Possible post-medieval peat cuttings or modern structure west of Warcombe Water (Monument)
  • Possible pre-medieval field system southeast of Furzebury Brake (Monument)
  • Possible prehistoric enclosure on Shallowford Common (Monument)
  • Possible prehistoric field system on Shallowford Common (Monument)
  • Possible prehistoric stone row on the East of Hoccombe Hill (Monument)
  • Possible prehistoric stone row on West Pinford (Monument)
  • Possible prehistoric stone setting south of Coley Water (Monument)
  • Possible rubbing stone on Kentisbury Down (Monument)
  • Possible rubbing stone on Kentisbury Down (Monument)
  • Possible rubbing stone on Kentisbury Down (Monument)
  • Possible site of stone near Brockenbarrow Lane (Monument)
  • Possible stone setting on Thornworthy Common (Monument)
  • Post-medieval standing stone with benchmark on eastern edge of Furzehill Common (Monument)
  • Prehistoic quincunx at Brendon Two Gates (Monument)
  • Prehistoric clearance cairns on Cheriton Ridge (Monument)
  • Prehistoric double stone row or stone setting at Winnaway (Monument)
  • Prehistoric flint arrowheads found near Hoaroak Cottage (Find Spot)
  • Prehistoric hillslope enclosure on Kentisbury Down (Monument)
  • Prehistoric hut circles and field system on Thorn Hill (Monument)
  • Prehistoric macehead found at Pulsworthy Bridge (Find Spot)
  • Prehistoric pottery on Trentishoe Down (Monument)
  • Prehistoric quincunx above the River Bray (Monument)
  • Prehistoric quincunx near Woodbarrow Hangings (Monument)
  • Prehistoric rectangular stone setting on North Regis Common (Monument)
  • Prehistoric settlement and field system in the Valley of Rocks (Monument)
  • Prehistoric standing stone above Orchard Bottom (Monument)
  • Prehistoric standing stone at Wistlandpound (Monument)
  • Prehistoric standing stone on Ilkerton Ridge (Monument)
  • Prehistoric standing stones on Yenworthy Common (Monument)
  • Prehistoric stone setting at Benjamy (Monument)
  • Prehistoric stone setting at Clannon Ball (Monument)
  • Prehistoric stone setting below Cheriton Ridge (Monument)
  • Prehistoric stone setting northwest of Hoaroak Cottage (Monument)
  • Prehistoric stone setting of five stones on Furzehill Common (Monument)
  • Prehistoric stone setting on Almsworthy Common (Monument)
  • Prehistoric stone setting on Badgworthy Lees (Monument)
  • Prehistoric stone setting on east side of Cheriton Ridge (Monument)
  • Prehistoric stone setting on Hoccombe Hill (Monument)
  • Prehistoric stone setting on Tom's Hill (Monument)
  • Prehistoric triangular stone setting on Challacombe Common (Monument)
  • Road Castle, Winsford (Monument)
  • Roman coin hoard west of Raleigh's Cross (Find Spot)
  • Roman pottery lamp south of Lynton (Find Spot)
  • Shoulsbarrow Castle (or Shoulsbury Castle) on Shoulsbarrow Common (Monument)
  • St Peter's Church, Trentishoe (Building)
  • Staddon Hill Camp, Winsford (Monument)
  • Sweetworthy Enclosure (Monument)
  • Tarr Steps clapper bridge over the River Barle (Building)
  • The Long Stone, Challacombe Common (Monument)
  • Trout Hill I: Prehistoric stone setting on the northeast end of Trout Hill (Monument)
  • Trout Hill II: Prehistoric stone setting at the north end of Trout Hill (Monument)
  • Two undated mounds at Benjamy (Monument)
  • Undated circular earthwork on Parracombe Common (Monument)
  • West Anstey Barrows (Monument)
  • Whit Stones (Monument)
  • Wilmersham Common Stone Row (Monument)
  • World War Two military emplacement on Trout Hill (Monument)

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