Source/Archive record SEM8699 - Dulverton Conservation Area: appraisal document

Type Report
Title Dulverton Conservation Area: appraisal document
Date/Year 2019
Publisher Exmoor National Park Authority
Parent ENPHER Source Record reference SEM6958
Exmoor National Park Authority Corporate Document CA Appraisal
Exmoor Historic Environment Report Series 20

Please read the Exmoor National Park Historic Environment Record .


Information on the conservation area, including its significance and condition.

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Referenced Monuments (87)

  • 1 and 2, Bilbower House, 50-52, High Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • 1 to 5, Church Lane, Dulverton (Building)
  • 1 to 7, Bank Square, Dulverton (Building)
  • 1-2, Lamb Back, Dulverton (Building)
  • 10, Bank Square, Dulverton (Building)
  • 11 and 13, Chapel Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • 13, High Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • 15, High Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • 17, High Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • 19, High Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • 19th Century bollard and hand pump, Northmoor Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • 19th Century cobbled surface fronting The Bridge Inn, Dulverton (Monument)
  • 20, Lady Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • 20th Century lych gate in All Saints Churchyard, Dulverton (Building)
  • 24-26, Lady Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • 28, Lady Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • 3 and 5, High Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • 3 and 5, Lady Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • 32, Lady Street, Dulverton (Monument)
  • 40-42, High Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • 62 (Greenslades) and 64 High Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Advertising Sign, High Street, Dulverton (Monument)
  • All Saints Church, Dulverton (Building)
  • All Saints Churchyard, Dulverton (Monument)
  • Barle Bridge, Dulverton (Building)
  • Barle Gallery, 48 High Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • British Legion House, Lady Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Church Lane, Dulverton (Monument)
  • Chypleighs, Rosemary Lane, Dulverton (Building)
  • Clark's Quarry, Dulverton (Monument)
  • Congregational Church and Hall, Chapel Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Dobb's Quarry, Dulverton (Monument)
  • Dulverton (Place)
  • Dulverton Laundry, Dulverton (Building)
  • Dulverton Library and Exmoor National Park Centre, Fore Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Early 20th Century stables at Guildhall Terrace, Dulverton (Building)
  • Exmoor House / Dulverton Workhouse (Building)
  • Farthings, Bridge Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Forge Cottage, Bridge Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Gospel Hall / Marsh Hall, Hollam Lane, Dulverton (Building)
  • Guildhall Terrace, Dulverton (Building)
  • Guvenor House, The Wardrobe and Well Cottage, High Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Hampshire House, Chapel Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Holland House and 4, Chapel Lane, Dulverton (Building)
  • K6 Telephone Kiosk, Bridge Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Lance Nicholson's, 9 to 11, High Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Lion Hotel, Fore Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Lower Mill, Dulverton (Building)
  • Medieval and post-medieval market at Dulverton (Monument)
  • Medieval and post-medieval mill leat through Dulverton (Monument)
  • Monmouth Terrace, opposite the Guildhall Centre, Dulverton (Building)
  • Number Seven, High Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Old School House or Dulverton Top School, Dulverton (Building)
  • Police Station/ Ellerton's Stores/ Dulverton Pharmacy, High Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Poolston Cottage and Myrtle Cottage, Chapel Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Post Office, Fore Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Post-medieval and modern water supply in Dulverton (Monument)
  • Pump Cottages, 1-3, Northmoor Road, Dulverton (Building)
  • Rock Cottage, Hollam Lane, Dulverton (Building)
  • Rock House Inn, Dulverton (Building)
  • Roman Catholic Church of St Stanislaus, Dulverton (Monument)
  • Rothwell and Dunworth's Bookshop, High Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Sydenham House, High Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • The Boot, Bridge Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • The Bridge Inn and Bridge Cottage, Bridge Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • The Greenway, High Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • The Guildhall Heritage Centre, Dulverton (Building)
  • The Lamb Hotel, Dulverton (Building)
  • The Manse, Chapel Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • The Old Bake House, Chapel Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • The Retreat / Dulverton Residential Centre, 6, High Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • The Tantivy, Fore Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • The White Hart Inn, Stables and Coach House, Fore Street and High Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Town Hall or Market House, Fore Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Town Marsh Smithy, Dulverton (Building)
  • Town Mills / Higher Mill, Dulverton (Building)
  • Vicarage, Dulverton (Building)
  • Weir on the River Barle, Dulverton (Monument)
  • Weir View House, Northmoor Road, Dulverton (Building)
  • Weirhead Cottages, 1-11, Northmoor Road, Dulverton (Building)
  • White Horse Inn, High Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Wisteria Cottage, School Lane, Dulverton (Building)
  • Wood's Café, Bank Square, Dulverton (Building)
  • Woodcote, Vicarage Hill, Dulverton (Building)
  • Woodlands (or Woodside), Jury Road, Dulverton (Building)
  • Woodliving, Jury Road, Dulverton (Building)
  • Wreneaton House and Stanbury Garage, Vicarage Hill, Dulverton (Building)

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