Source/Archive record SEM7440 - The Field Archaeology of Exmoor

Type Monograph
Title The Field Archaeology of Exmoor
Date/Year 2001
Publisher English Heritage
International Standard Book Number 1873592582
Child ENPHER Source Record reference SEM7620
Digital Object Identifier 10.5284/1028203


Description of the field archaeology of Exmoor from its earliest manifestations to the end of World War II.

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Referenced Monuments (56)

  • Countisbury Castle or Wind Hill Promontory Fort (Monument)
  • Deserted medieval settlement and field system at Holwell (Monument)
  • Drainage Ditches, North of Driver Farm (Monument)
  • Extensive medieval field system in Challacombe parish (Monument)
  • Field System on Oare House Allotment (Monument)
  • Holwell Castle Motte and Bailey, Parracombe (Monument)
  • Medieval field system around Barton Town (Monument)
  • Medieval field system east of Challacombe (Monument)
  • Medieval field system southeast of Barton Gate (Monument)
  • Medieval or post-medieval field system east of Parracombe School (Monument)
  • Medieval platforms south of Cheriton Ridge (Monument)
  • Medieval strip field system around Whitefield Barton (Monument)
  • Medieval strip field system west of Newground Lane (Monument)
  • Medieval strip field system with possible deserted settlement at North Barton (Monument)
  • Medieval strip fields northeast of Challacombe (Monument)
  • Medieval strip fields south of Parracombe Village (Monument)
  • Medieval strip lynchets around North and South Swincombe (Monument)
  • Myrtleberry North Camp (Monument)
  • Myrtleberry South Camp (Monument)
  • Old Burrow Roman Fortlet, Countisbury (Monument)
  • Peat Cutting Features, North-West of Driver Farm (Monument)
  • Peat Cutting on Brendon Common (Monument)
  • Peat Cutting on Dure Down (Monument)
  • Peat Cutting on Exe Plain (Monument)
  • Peat Cutting on Exe Plain (Monument)
  • Peat Cutting, East of Hoaroak (Monument)
  • Peat Cutting, East of The Chains (Monument)
  • Peat Cutting, Goat Hill (Monument)
  • Peat Cutting, Hoaroak Hill (Monument)
  • Peat Cutting, North of Pinkery Farm (Monument)
  • Peat Cutting, North-East of Pinkery Farm (Monument)
  • Peat Cutting, North-East of Pinkery Farm (Monument)
  • Peat Cutting, North-West of Brendon Two Gates (Monument)
  • Peat Cutting, Shilstone Hill (Monument)
  • Peat Cutting, South-West of The Chains Valley (Monument)
  • Peat Cutting, Thornworthy Common (Monument)
  • Peat Cutting, West of Blackpitts Farm (Monument)
  • Peat Cuttings, north of Warren Farm, Exmoor (Monument)
  • Possible Bronze Age hut circle northeast of Dunkery Beacon (Monument)
  • Possible late prehistoric enclosure southwest of Dean Cross (Monument)
  • Possible medieval field system southeast of Parracombe (Monument)
  • Post-medieval drainage ditches east and southeast of Pinkworthy (or Pinkery) Pond (Monument)
  • Post-medieval drainage ditches north of Pinkery Farm (Monument)
  • Post-medieval drainage ditches southwest of Pinkery Pond (Monument)
  • Post-medieval earthworks north of No Man's Land copse (Monument)
  • Post-medieval enclosure above Wild Pear Beach (Monument)
  • Post-medieval or modern peat cuttings on The Chains (Monument)
  • Post-medieval peat cutting northwest of Pinkery Farm (Monument)
  • Post-medieval peat cutting on Furzehill Common (Monument)
  • Post-medieval peat cutting on Furzehill Common (Monument)
  • Post-medieval peat cutting on The Chains (Monument)
  • Post-medieval water meadow east of Parracombe School (Monument)
  • Prehistoric hillslope enclosure above Holworthy, Parracombe (Monument)
  • Probable post-medieval linear banks east of Pinkworthy Farm (Monument)
  • Small Pits or Quarries (Monument)
  • Turbary, The Warren, Exmoor (Monument)

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  • 1993 Topographical survey of a hillslope enclosure at Holworthy Farm, Parracombe

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