Source/Archive record SEM1 - ENPA archaeologist field visit

Type Verbal communication
Title ENPA archaeologist field visit
Date/Year Various


Notes made by an ENPA archaeologist after a visit to the site in question.

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  • 19th Century agricultural outbuilding west of Stables Cottage (Building)
  • 19th Century cobbled surface fronting The Bridge Inn, Dulverton (Monument)
  • 20th Century water trough east of Highercombe (Building)
  • Animal pen southwest of West Ilkerton Farmhouse (Monument)
  • Betsy Mine / New Langham Mine (Monument)
  • Blagdon Barn (Building)
  • Bronze Age burial cairn above Long Chains Combe (Monument)
  • Bronze Age round barrow on South Regis Common (Monument)
  • Bronze Age standing stone at Drybridge Combe (Monument)
  • Building south of West Ilkerton Farm (Monument)
  • Butson, northeast of Ford Farm (Building)
  • Challacombe Cross signpost (Building)
  • Crock Pits, Woody Bay (Monument)
  • Cussacombe or Cuzzicombe Post, Cussacombe Common (Monument)
  • Exford Road Bridge, Winsford (Building)
  • Exmoor House, Exford (Building)
  • Flint scatter southwest of Betsy Mine (Monument)
  • Flint scatter southwest of Betsy Mine (Monument)
  • Flint waste was collected on the surface of a trac... (Find Spot)
  • Former farm or cottages west of Withiel Farm (Monument)
  • Former school, Treborough (Building)
  • Furzehill Common III: Prehistoric stone alignment and associated burial cairn (Monument)
  • Hawkcombe Head and Ven Combe Mesolithic flint working sites (Monument)
  • Linear ditches south of Blagdon Barn (Monument)
  • Linhay at Kingsbrompton Farm (Building)
  • Linhay Barton (Building)
  • Medieval and post-medieval ford at Exford (Monument)
  • Medieval iron smelting site at eastern end of Shircombe Slade (Monument)
  • Medieval or post-medieval earthworks surrounding Ford Farm (Monument)
  • Mill leat northwest of Tarr Steps (Monument)
  • New Central Garage, Exford (Building)
  • Old Police House, Exford (Building)
  • Popery Lane (Monument)
  • Possible prehistoric stone setting southwest of Black Barrow (Monument)
  • Possible World War Two gun emplacements south of Folly Corner (Monument)
  • Post-medieval pond south of West Ilkerton Farmhouse (Monument)
  • Post-medieval quarry northeast of Ford Farm (Monument)
  • Post-medieval trackway south of Wallace Lane (Monument)
  • Prehistoic quincunx at Brendon Two Gates (Monument)
  • Prehistoric burial cairn northwest of Furzehill Common Stone Row (Monument)
  • Prehistoric hut circle and field system on Martinhoe Common (Monument)
  • Prehistoric Settlement, Porlock Allotment (Monument)
  • Prehistoric stone row on Wilmersham Common (Monument)
  • Prehistoric stone setting on Shoulsbury Common (Monument)
  • Quarry adjacent to Butson (Monument)
  • Roman fort at Rainsbury, Upton (Monument)
  • Round Barrow, West Ilkerton Common (Monument)
  • Signpost in Pitt Combe (Building)
  • Signpost south of Yearnor Farm (Building)
  • The Rectory, Treborough (Building)
  • Vicarage Bridge, Winsford (Building)
  • Village Hall, Exford Road, Winsford (Building)
  • Western bowl barrow at Madacombe (Monument)
  • Wilmersham Common Stone Row (Monument)
  • Withiel Florey House, Withiel Florey (Monument)

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