Source/Archive record SEM341429 - Winsford Conservation Area Appraisal

Type Report
Title Winsford Conservation Area Appraisal
Date/Year 2023
Publisher Exmoor National Park Authority

Please read the Exmoor National Park Historic Environment Record .


This document was prepared as part the programme of reassessing all of the historic village cores within Exmoor National Park. A previous village character appraisal was completed by John Fisher in 2005. This appraisal has used this document as a basis and borrows from it. The aims of this document are to identify: The influences that have given Winsford its special character. What chiefly reflects this character and is most worth conserving What has suffered damage or loss and may need reinstating What should be considered in guiding future changes Visual features that particularly need safeguarding

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Referenced Monuments (80)

  • "New" Exford Road, Winsford (Monument)
  • 1950s bailey bridge on Howetown Lane (Monument)
  • 19th Century bridge over Winn Brook, Exford Road, Winsford (Building)
  • 19th Century building to southeast of The Royal Oak Inn (Building)
  • 19th Century footbridge over the Winn Brook (Building)
  • 19th Century pump to rear of The Vicarage (Monument)
  • Ball Cottage, Winsford (Building)
  • Bevins House, Winsford Village (Building)
  • Bridge Cottage, Winsford (Building)
  • Brookwood and Winsford Stores, Edbrooke Road, Winsford (Building)
  • Carpenter's workshop, Edbrooke Road, Winsford (Building)
  • Church Cottage, The Steep, Winsford (Building)
  • Demolished building to rear of Steep Cottage (Building)
  • Demolished buildings north of Karslake House (Monument)
  • Demolished buildings southeast of Winsford Village Hall (Monument)
  • Demolished buildings to south of Rose Cottage, Winsford (Building)
  • Dowry Cottage and outbuilding, Ash Lane, Winsford (Building)
  • Exe Vale House, Edbrooke Road, Winsford (Building)
  • Exford Road Bridge, Winsford (Building)
  • Fairfield, Winsford (Monument)
  • Finger post adjacent to Exford Road Bridge, Winsford (Building)
  • Gay's Cottage and Steep Cottage, The Steep, Winsford (Building)
  • Glebe Stables, Winsford (Building)
  • Greystones, Ash Lane, Winsford (Building)
  • Halse Cottage and Nether Halse, Halse Lane, Winsford (Building)
  • Historic roadway south of Bridge Cottage, Winsford (Monument)
  • Jasmine Cottage, Edbrooke Road, Winsford (Building)
  • K6 Telephone kiosk (Winsford 211), Winsford (Building)
  • Karslake House, Winsford (Building)
  • Linden Terrace, Winsford (Building)
  • Little Pitcott, Edbrooke Road, Winsford (Building)
  • Medieval or post-medieval bridge at Exe Bridge (Monument)
  • Medieval packhorse bridge near Vicarage Bridge, Winsford (Building)
  • Old Forge, Winsford (Building)
  • Old Tythe, Edbrooke Road, Winsford (Building)
  • Outbuilding associated with village poor house, Winsford (Monument)
  • Outbuilding south of The Royal Oak Inn, Winsford (Building)
  • Outbuilding to west of former Vicarage, Winsford (Building)
  • Outbuildings west of former Vicarage stables, Winsford (Building)
  • Pitcott Corn Mill, Winsford (Monument)
  • Pitcott House, Edbrooke Street, Winsford (Building)
  • Pitcott Mill (Building)
  • Pitt Cottage, Winsford (Building)
  • Poor house at Winsford (Monument)
  • Post-medieval building adjacent to war memorial, Winsford (Monument)
  • Post-medieval building east of Royal Oak Farmhouse (Monument)
  • Post-medieval building to east of The Royal Oak Inn (Monument)
  • Post-medieval building to south of Church Cottage (Monument)
  • Post-medieval building to south of Gay's Cottage (Monument)
  • Post-medieval building to southeast of The Royal Oak Inn (Monument)
  • Post-medieval building to southeast of Weirside (Building)
  • Post-medieval buildings south of St Mary Magdalene's Churchyard (Monument)
  • Post-medieval farm buildings at Royal Oak Farm (Building)
  • Post-medieval house north of the Old Forge (Monument)
  • Post-medieval house north of The Royal Oak (Monument)
  • Post-medieval well to rear of Jasmine Cottage (Monument)
  • Rose Cottage, Halse Lane, Winsford (Building)
  • Royal Oak farm buildings (Building)
  • Royal Oak Farmhouse, Winsford (Building)
  • School House, The Steep, Winsford (Building)
  • Signpost at Ball Cottage, Winsford (Building)
  • St Mary Magdalene's Church, Winsford (Building)
  • St Mary Magdalene's Churchyard, Winsford (Monument)
  • Stables northwest of Exe Vale House (Building)
  • Sunnymead, Ash Lane, Winsford (Building)
  • The Close, Edbrooke Road, Winsford (Building)
  • The Farm, Winsford (Building)
  • The Oaks, Ash Lane, Winsford (Building)
  • The Old Vicarage, Winsford (Building)
  • The Rectory, Halse Lane, Winsford (Building)
  • The Royal Oak Inn, Winsford (Building)
  • Vicarage Bridge, Winsford (Building)
  • Village Hall, Exford Road, Winsford (Building)
  • War Memorial, Winsford (Building)
  • Weirside, Edbrooke Road, Winsford (Building)
  • Wesleyan chapel next to ford across Winn Brook (Building)
  • West and East Galliford, The Steep, Winsford (Building)
  • Winn Cottage and Thorn Cottage, Winsford (Building)
  • Winsford (Place)
  • Winsford Smithy Bridge (Building)

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