Source/Archive record SEM6958 - Dulverton Conservation Area Appraisal

Type Unpublished document
Title Dulverton Conservation Area Appraisal
Date/Year c.2003
Exmoor National Park Authority Corporate Document CA Appraisal

Please read the Exmoor National Park Historic Environment Record .


Conservation Area character appraisal for Dulverton undertaken for ENPA.

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Referenced Monuments (75)

  • 1 and 2, Bilbower House, 50-52, High Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • 1 to 5, Church Lane, Dulverton (Building)
  • 1 to 7, Bank Square, Dulverton (Building)
  • 10, Bank Square, Dulverton (Building)
  • 13, High Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • 15, High Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • 17, High Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • 19, High Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • 19th Century bollard and hand pump, Northmoor Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • 19th Century cobbled surface fronting The Bridge Inn, Dulverton (Monument)
  • 20th Century Lorna Doone sculpture southeast of Exmoor House (Monument)
  • 20th Century lych gate in All Saints Churchyard, Dulverton (Building)
  • 24-26, Lady Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • 28, Lady Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • 3 and 5, High Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • 32, Lady Street, Dulverton (Monument)
  • 62 (Greenslades) and 64 High Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Advertising Sign, High Street, Dulverton (Monument)
  • All Saints Church, Dulverton (Building)
  • All Saints Churchyard, Dulverton (Monument)
  • Bank, Dulverton (Building)
  • Barle Bridge, Dulverton (Building)
  • Barle Gallery, 48 High Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • British Legion House, Lady Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Chypleighs, Rosemary Lane, Dulverton (Building)
  • Congregational Church and Hall, Chapel Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Dulverton (Place)
  • Dulverton Laundry, Dulverton (Building)
  • Dulverton Library and Exmoor National Park Centre, Fore Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Early 20th Century stables at Guildhall Terrace, Dulverton (Building)
  • Exmoor House / Dulverton Workhouse (Building)
  • Farthings, Bridge Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Forge Cottage, Bridge Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Former Market House, Fore Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Gospel Hall / Marsh Hall, Hollam Lane, Dulverton (Building)
  • Guvenor House, The Wardrobe and Well Cottage, High Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Hampshire House, Chapel Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Hangman's Alley, Dulverton (Building)
  • Holland House and 4, Chapel Lane, Dulverton (Building)
  • K6 Telephone Kiosk, Bridge Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Lance Nicholson's, 9 to 11, High Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Lion Hotel, Fore Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Lower Mill, Dulverton (Building)
  • Medieval and post-medieval market at Dulverton (Monument)
  • Medieval and post-medieval mill leat through Dulverton (Monument)
  • Monmouth Terrace, opposite the Guildhall Centre, Dulverton (Building)
  • Number Seven, High Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Old School House or Dulverton Top School, Dulverton (Building)
  • Oldberry (or Oldbury) Castle, Dulverton (Monument)
  • Police Station/ Ellerton's Stores/ Dulverton Pharmacy, High Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Poolston Cottage and Myrtle Cottage, Chapel Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Pump Cottages, 1-3, Northmoor Road, Dulverton (Building)
  • Rock House Inn, Dulverton (Building)
  • Rothwell and Dunworth's Bookshop, High Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Sydenham House, High Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • The Boot, Bridge Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • The Bridge Inn and Bridge Cottage, Bridge Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • The Greenway, High Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • The Guildhall Heritage Centre, Dulverton (Building)
  • The Manse, Chapel Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • The Old Bake House, Chapel Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • The Tantivy, Fore Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • The White Hart Inn, Stables and Coach House, Fore Street and High Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Town Hall or Market House, Fore Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Town Marsh Smithy, Dulverton (Building)
  • Town Mills / Higher Mill, Dulverton (Building)
  • Tramway above Northmoor Road, Dulverton (Monument)
  • Weir View House, Northmoor Road, Dulverton (Building)
  • Weirhead Cottages, 1-11, Northmoor Road, Dulverton (Building)
  • White Horse Inn, High Street, Dulverton (Building)
  • Wood's Café, Bank Square, Dulverton (Building)
  • Woodcote, Vicarage Hill, Dulverton (Building)
  • Woodlands (or Woodside), Jury Road, Dulverton (Building)
  • Woodliving, Jury Road, Dulverton (Building)
  • Wreneaton House and Stanbury Garage, Vicarage Hill, Dulverton (Building)

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