Source/Archive record SEM8738 - A guide to the industrial archaeology of Somerset

Type Monograph
Title A guide to the industrial archaeology of Somerset
Date/Year 2019
Publisher Association for Industrial Archaeology
Edition/Volume 2nd Edition
International Standard Book Number 9781916176409

Please read the Exmoor National Park Historic Environment Record .


An updated gazetteer of industrial sites across Somerset, published to mark the Association for Industrial Archaeology's 2019 Conference, in association with the Somerset Industrial Archaeological Society.

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  • 18th Century pottery kiln in Dunster Park (Building)
  • 19th Century dock at Porlock Weir (Monument)
  • 19th Century lime kiln at Bossington Beach (Building)
  • 19th Century milestone north of Roborough Gate (Monument)
  • 19th Century tannery at Riverside (Building)
  • 19th Century turnpike road south of Dyehouse Cross to Dunster (Monument)
  • Allercott and Stowey Quarries, Timberscombe (Monument)
  • Baker's Pit (Monument)
  • Barle Bridge, Dulverton (Building)
  • Barlynch Quarry, north of Barlynch Priory (Monument)
  • Bearland Wood Ironstone Mine Ventilation Flue (Monument)
  • Beulah Chapel, Brendon Hill (Building)
  • Blackland Iron Mine (Monument)
  • Brendon Hill Railway Station (Building)
  • Brendon Hill Village (Monument)
  • Brendon Hill Yard (Monument)
  • Bridgetown Mill, Exton (Building)
  • Burrow Farm Mine (Monument)
  • Bury Bridge, Bury (Building)
  • Carnarvon Mine New Pit (Monument)
  • Castle Mill, Mill Lane, Dunster (Building)
  • Colton Pits, Nettlecombe (Monument)
  • Cowbridge mill complex, Timberscombe (Building)
  • Dulverton Laundry, Dulverton (Building)
  • Early 20th Century electricity generating mill west of Pixton Park (Monument)
  • East Pit, Newland Quarry (Monument)
  • Elworthy signpost (Building)
  • Exe Valley Wagon Works, Bridgetown (Building)
  • Gallox Packhorse Bridge, Dunster (Building)
  • Gupworthy / Goosemoor Railway Station (Monument)
  • Gupworthy New Pit (Monument)
  • Gupworthy Old Pit (Monument)
  • Horner Bridge (Building)
  • Horner Mill, Horner (Building)
  • Ison Mine, Winsford (Monument)
  • Landacre Bridge (Building)
  • Langham Hill Pit (Monument)
  • Late 19th or early 20th Century saw mills at Holnicote (Monument)
  • Lime Kiln Quarry, Luxborough (Monument)
  • Lower Mill, Higher Mill Farm (Monument)
  • Malthouse and traction engine house, West Lynch (Building)
  • Marsh Bridge, Dulverton (Building)
  • Medieval and post-medieval mill leat through Dulverton (Monument)
  • Medieval packhorse bridge at Allerford (Building)
  • Medieval packhorse bridge near Vicarage Bridge, Winsford (Building)
  • Millwheel Gallery, High Street, Porlock (Building)
  • New Bridge, Allerford (Building)
  • New Bridge, Withypool (Building)
  • Old Frackford Bridge, Dunster (Building)
  • Piles Mill and Millhouse, Brandish Street (Building)
  • Pinkery Canal (formerly Pinkworthy) (Monument)
  • Pinkworthy (or Pinkery) Pond (Monument)
  • Pitt Mill, Leighland Chapel (Monument)
  • Possible 18th Century barn and round house at West Lynch Farm (Building)
  • Post-medieval iron workings 'The Roman Adit' at Cornham Ford (Monument)
  • Post-medieval lime kiln at Bossington Beach (Building)
  • Post-medieval lime kiln at Bossington Beach (Building)
  • Post-medieval lime kiln at Bossington Beach (Building)
  • Post-medieval lime kilns above Glenthorne Beach (Building)
  • Post-medieval lime kilns at Brendon Hill (Monument)
  • Post-medieval lime kilns at Treborough Quarry (Building)
  • Post-medieval limestone quarry southeast of Luckwell Bridge (Monument)
  • Roadwater Railway Station (Building)
  • Roman Lode Ironworkings (Monument)
  • Signpost at Combecross Hill, Monksilver (Building)
  • Simonsbath Sawmill (Building)
  • Simonsbath to Porlock Railway (Monument)
  • Smoky Bottom Pit (Monument)
  • Tank training circuit B on Selworthy Beacon (Monument)
  • Target railway B, north of Selworthy Beacon (Monument)
  • Tarr Steps clapper bridge over the River Barle (Building)
  • The Incline, West Somerset Mineral Railway (Monument)
  • The Kiln, Porlock Weir (Building)
  • The Watermill, Hawkcombe, Porlock (Building)
  • The Yarn Market, High Street, Dunster (Building)
  • Town Marsh Smithy, Dulverton (Building)
  • Town Mills / Higher Mill, Dulverton (Building)
  • Treborough Quarries (Monument)
  • Weir on the River Barle, Dulverton (Monument)
  • Westcott Quarry and Lime Kiln (Monument)
  • Wheal Eliza Mine (Monument)

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