Source/Archive record SEM8696 - Lynmouth Conservation Area: appraisal document

Type Report
Title Lynmouth Conservation Area: appraisal document
Date/Year 2018
Publisher Exmoor National Park Authority
Parent ENPHER Source Record reference SEM6954
Exmoor National Park Authority Corporate Document CA Appraisal
Exmoor Historic Environment Report Series 18

Please read the Exmoor National Park Historic Environment Record .


Information on the conservation area, including its significance and condition.

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Referenced Monuments (68)

  • 10, 12 and 14 Lynmouth Street, Lynmouth (Building)
  • 16 and 18, Watersmeet Road, Lynmouth (Building)
  • 19th Century row on Lynmouth Street, Lynmouth (Building)
  • 20th Century memorial garden at Middleham, Lynmouth (Monument)
  • 20th Century post box, Lynmouth Street, Lynmouth (Building)
  • 25, Tors Road, Lynmouth (Building)
  • 3 and 4 Mars Hill, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Aberlyn, Tors Park, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Bath Hotel with Pixie Dell, Lynmouth Street, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Bonnicott, 10 Watersmeet Road, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Castle Hornet, 9 Summerhouse Path, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Castle Hornet, 9 Summerhouse Path, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Cliffe House, Tors Park, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Clooneavin, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Coastguard Station, Lynmouth (Monument)
  • Countisbury Lodge, Lynmouth (Building)
  • East Lyn House, 17 Watersmeet Road, Lynmouth (Building)
  • East Weir, Lynmouth Eastern Beach (Monument)
  • Fisherman's Rest, 3, Summerhouse Path, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Glen Lyn House, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Glenville House and Tregonwell, Tors Road, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Grandboro and Maysmore, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Heatherville, Tors Park, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Hillside House, 22 Watersmeet Road, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Hydroelectric power scheme, Glen Lyn Gorge, Lynmouth (Monument)
  • Late 19th Century hydroelectric power turbine site at Lynmouth (Monument)
  • Lorna Doone House, Tors Road, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Lyncliffe House, 20 Watersmeet Road, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Lyndale Bridge, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Lynmouth (Place)
  • Lynmouth Bridge Hotel, 18 Lynmouth Street (Building)
  • Lynmouth Flood Memorial Hall, Riverside Road, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Lynmouth Pavilion (Monument)
  • Lynmouth Pier (Building)
  • Lynton and Barnstaple Branch Railway (Monument)
  • Lynton and Lynmouth Cliff Railway (Building)
  • Manor Cottage, Lynmouth Street (Building)
  • Manor House, Eastern Beach, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Medieval or post-medieval coastal fish weir on Western Beach (Monument)
  • Middleham, Lynmouth (Monument)
  • New Lynmouth Pavilion (Building)
  • Nos 1 to 11, Watersmeet Road, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Nos 21 to 25, Watersmeet Road, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Nos 28 to 36, Watersmeet Road, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Nos 7 to 24, Tors Road, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Old School House, Watersmeet Road, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Orchard House, 12 Watersmeet Road, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Post-medieval limekilns on The Esplanade, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Post-medieval stable northeast of The Manor House (Building)
  • Post-medieval stone built structure to the northeast of Manor House (Monument)
  • Rhenish Tower, Lynmouth Pier (Building)
  • Rising Sun Hotel, York Cottage and adjoining cottage, Mars Hill, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Riversdale and Clovelly House, Tors Road, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Rock House Hotel, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Sea Breeze Cottage, 1 Lynmouth Street, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Sea Fern, 1, Summerhouse Path, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Seaview Villa, Summerhouse Hill, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Shelley's Cottage Hotel, 8 Watersmeet Road, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Shelley's Cottage, 1 Mars Hill, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Small terrace on The Esplanade, Lynmouth (Building)
  • St John the Baptist Church, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Summerhouse, 14 Watersmeet Road, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Sunny Corner and Rocklyn Guest House, Tors Road, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Telephone box adjacent to Lyndale Bridge, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Telephone box, Lynmouth Street, Lynmouth (Building)
  • The Old Cottage, 2 Mars Hill, Lynmouth (Building)
  • Tors Hotel, or Torrs Park Hotel, Lynmouth (Building)
  • West Weir, Lynmouth Western Beach (Monument)

Referenced Events (1)

  • 1952: HE - Exmoor Flood (Lynmouth Flood)

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