Thesaurus Term/Concept: NON ANTIQUITY

Identifier 71099
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note Use to identify a feature, previously thought to be a monument but now disproved, or to avoid erroneous identification as a monument in future. Where a feature is regarded as an antiquity, but is unclassified, use SITE.

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Context Record
Monument Type MMO374 [outside Park boundary] (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3041 Circular enclosure southwest of Withypool (Monument)
Monument Type MMO1950 Cropmark, West of High Bullen (Monument)
Monument Type MDE21787 Cropmarks west of Dean Steep (Monument)
Monument Type MDE1315 Disproved barrows southwest of Woodbarrow Gate (Non-antiquity)
Monument Type MDE20842 Disputed Bronze Age barrow southeast of West Anstey barrows (Non-antiquity)
Monument Type MSO11366 Disputed prehistoric hut circle on Stoke Ridge (Non-antiquity)
Monument Type MDE20841 Dusputed Bronze Age barrow southeast of West Anstey barrows (Non-antiquity)
Monument Type MMO3040 Late prehistoric or Roamn enclosure north of Newland (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7781 Mill Barrow (Non-antiquity)
Monument Type MEM24067 Modern agricultural activity southwest of West Hollowcombe Farm (Non-antiquity)
Monument Type MMO3178 Modern agricultural earthworks southwest of Twitchen Barrows (Monument)
Monument Type MMO841 Modern agricultural marks southwest of Upcott Cross (Monument)
Monument Type MSO12190 Modern tree circle on Wootton Common (Non-antiquity)
Monument Type MEM15434 Natural feature northwest of Sherracombe (Non-antiquity)
Monument Type MMO2218 Natural features southeast of Pinkery Farm (Non-antiquity)
Monument Type MSO12263 Natural hillocks southwest of Clannacombe Plantation (Non-antiquity)
Monument Type MDE1316 Natural mound southwest of stone setting (Non-antiquity)
Monument Type MSO6956 Natural outcrop north of Cow Castle (Monument)
Monument Type MDE12843 Natural spring mound north of stone setting (Non-antiquity)
Monument Type MDE1251 Natural standing stone at South Cleave (Non-antiquity)
Monument Type MEM24066 Periglacial depressions southeast of Triscombe Farm (Non-antiquity)
Monument Type MMO2870 Possible Bronze Age hut circles north of Cutthorne (Monument)
Monument Type MSO8571 Possible deserted farmstead northwest of Great Ash Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MEM23335 Possible enclosure on Squallacombe (Non-antiquity)
Monument Type MMO1969 Possible hillslope enclosure northeast of Hallslake (Monument)
Monument Type MMO1987 Possible Iron Age hillslope enclosure northwest of Windypost Cross (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2464 Possible late prehistoric enclosure on Swap Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3033 Possible late prehistoric or Roman enclosure northwest of Lanacre (Monument)
Monument Type MEM24326 Possible modern agricultural marks southwest of The Kennels (Non-antiquity)
Monument Type MMO2209 Possible modern earthworks southwest of Driver Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MMO1978 Possible oval earthwork enclosure on the southern crest of Wind Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3022 Possible post-medieval building platform at Ashott Barton (Monument)
Monument Type MSO11864 Possible post-medieval field system and enclosures on Luccombe Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MEM24139 Possible post-medieval or modern quarry northwest of Emmett's Grange (Monument)
Monument Type MSO11767 Possible prehistoric burial cairn east of Combe Gate (Monument)
Monument Type MMO342 Possible prehistoric circular enclosure on Barham Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MMO343 Possible prehistoric enclosure on Barham Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3039 Possible prehistoric hillslope enclosure south of Kitridge Lane (Monument)
Monument Type MDE12841 Possible prehistoric ring ditches on Shoulsbarrow Common (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7055 Possible prehistoric standing stone in White Water valley (Monument)
Monument Type MDE21854 Possible quarry site west of Kipscombe Farmhouse (Monument)
Monument Type MDE11700 Possible undated earthworks west of Barham Hill summit (Monument)
Monument Type MDE10899 Possible undated rectangular enclosure southwest of Roe Barrow (Monument)
Monument Type MEM15432 Post-medieval pit or natural feature at Sherracombe (Monument)
Monument Type MMO1924 Post-medieval quarry or gravel pit on Church Combe (Monument)
Monument Type MSO6721 Prehistoric standing stone at west end of Hoar Moor (Monument)
Monument Type MDE21774 Probable modern feature west of Caffyns Cross (Non-antiquity)
Monument Type MDE8976 Two undated mounds southeast of Long Stone (Monument)
Monument Type MDE1207 Undated lynchet or natural terrace on Shoulsbarrow Common (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2486 Undated square platform at Elsworthy (Monument)