Thesaurus Term/Concept: STRIP FIELD

Identifier 140259
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note An area of agriculturally used land, which is divided into small, elongated, rectangular fields running parallel to each other.

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Context Record
Monument Type MMO308 Deserted medieval settlement and field system at Holwell (Monument)
Monument Type MMO1215 Extensive medieval field system in Challacombe parish (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2866 Medieval and post-medieval field system at Stone Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MDE21804 Medieval field system at West Lyn Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3789 Medieval field system east of Challacombe (Monument)
Monument Type MMO1847 Medieval field system east of Porlock Common (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3788 Medieval field system east of Shoulsbarrow (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2873 Medieval field system north of Codsend (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3794 Medieval field system north, east and west of Bodley (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2601 Medieval field system northeast of Steart (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3787 Medieval field system southeast of Barton Gate (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3792 Medieval field system southwest of Parracombe (Monument)
Monument Type MMO1627 Medieval field system west of Holnicote House (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3129 Medieval or post-medieval feild boundary north of Springfield Cottage (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3149 Medieval or post-medieval field system southwest of Little Bradley (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3137 Medieval or post-medieval strip field system west of Knaplock (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3123 Medieval or post-medieval strip fields east of Hawkridge (Monument)
Monument Type MMO1921 Medieval strip field boundaries southwest of Lawn Wood (Monument)
Monument Type MMO1866 Medieval strip field boundary bank southeast of Thornworthy (Monument)
Monument Type MMO1611 Medieval strip field east of Selworthy (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3785 Medieval strip field system around Whitefield Barton (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3795 Medieval strip field system west of Newground Lane (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3786 Medieval strip field system with possible deserted settlement at North Barton (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3790 Medieval strip fields northeast of Challacombe (Monument)
Monument Type MDE10861 Medieval strip fields south of Parracombe Village (Monument)
Monument Type MMO1865 Medieval strip fields south of Thornworthy (Monument)
Monument Type MDE20640 Possible medieval field boundaries west of East Challacombe Lane (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3793 Possible medieval field system southeast of Parracombe (Monument)
Monument Type MDE11232 Possible medieval strip field system west of Kemacott Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3181 Post-medieval field boundaries on Hawkridge Plain (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3174 Post-medieval field boundaries southeast of Blindwell Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MSO11738 Wester Shircombe deserted farmstead, Hawkridge (Monument)