Source/Archive record SMO5831 - Exmoor Project

Type Collection
Title Exmoor Project
Date/Year 1993-1999
Collection reference 910363
Historic England Archive Reference 3B 376
Historic England Archive Reference AF1269375

Please read the Exmoor National Park Historic Environment Record .


A series of surveys covering Exmoor, conducted by RCHME Exeter between February 1993 and October 1999, for the National Trust and the Exmoor National Park Authority. Contents : 141 plans, 25 Antiquity Models, 4 AP transcription, 3 overlay, 16 annotated OS quartersheets, reports, 252 photographs

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Referenced Monuments (69)

  • 18th or 19th Century leat associated with Bampfylde Mine (Monument)
  • Bat's Castle, in Dunster Park (Monument)
  • Bronze Age burial cairn associated with Lanacombe I Stone Setting (Monument)
  • Bronze Age burial cairn associated with Lanacombe III stone setting (Monument)
  • Bronze Age burial cairn northwest side of Holdstone Down (Monument)
  • Bronze Age burial cairn southeast of Roborough Castle (Monument)
  • Bronze Age burial cairns northeast of Roe Barrow (Monument)
  • Bronze Age hut circle on northern slope of Trentishoe Down (Monument)
  • Bury Castle, Brompton Regis (Monument)
  • Countisbury Castle or Wind Hill Promontory Fort (Monument)
  • Cow Castle, south of Winstitchen (Monument)
  • Deserted medieval settlement and field system at Holwell (Monument)
  • Deserted medieval settlement at Badgworthy Water (Monument)
  • Grabbist Hillfort (Monument)
  • Hand's Shaft and footway shaft, Bampfylde Mine (Monument)
  • Higher Week Farmstead, Exton (Monument)
  • Holdstone Holiday Estate, Holdstone Down (Monument)
  • Iron Age crossridge outwork and field banks southeast of Bat's Castle (Monument)
  • Iron Age enclosure at Ley Hill (Monument)
  • Iron Age or Roman iron smelting bloomery at Sherracombe Ford (Monument)
  • Joaney How Burial Cairn, Dunkery Hill (Monument)
  • Lanacombe I: Large stone setting at Lanacombe (Monument)
  • Lanacombe II: Stone setting at the east end of Lanacombe (Monument)
  • Lanacombe III, a prehistoric stone setting at Lanacombe (Monument)
  • Lanacombe IV: Triangular stone setting at Lanacombe (Monument)
  • Lanacombe V, a stone setting at Lanacombe (Monument)
  • Late Roman or early medieval iron smelting site in Blacklake Wood (Monument)
  • Ley Hill medieval settlement (Monument)
  • Lower Hollacombe, Kentisbury (Monument)
  • Medieval and post-medieval iron working site and iron hammer mill in Horner Wood (Monument)
  • Medieval field system at Ley Hill (Monument)
  • Medieval field system on South Down (Monument)
  • Medieval or post-medieval deserted settlement in Mansley Combe (Monument)
  • Medieval or post-medieval deserted settlement southwest of Desolate Farm (Monument)
  • Medieval or post-medieval settlement earthworks at Barton Town (Monument)
  • Multi period field system at Lee Abbey (Monument)
  • Myrtleberry North Camp (Monument)
  • Myrtleberry South Camp (Monument)
  • Oldberry (or Oldbury) Castle, Dulverton (Monument)
  • Possible Bronze Age hut circle southwest of Woolhanger Woods (Monument)
  • Possible Iron Age hillslope enclosure at Monkslade Common (Monument)
  • Possible post-medieval mining remains north of Tattiscombe (Monument)
  • Possible prehistoric hut circles or later charcoal burning platforms in Barton Wood (Monument)
  • Possible prehistoric linear clearance banks on Holdstone Down (Monument)
  • Post-medieval adit or water source in Mines Wood (Monument)
  • Post-medieval boundary stones in Myrtleberry Woods (Monument)
  • Post-medieval building within field system on Holdstone Down (Monument)
  • Post-medieval farm mill at North Furzehill Farm (Monument)
  • Post-medieval field system on Holdstone Down (Monument)
  • Post-medieval granary or mill at Lower East Lyn Farm (Monument)
  • Post-medieval water power at Tattiscombe Farm (Monument)
  • Prehistoric cairn and bank associated with Lanacombe II Stone Setting (Monument)
  • Prehistoric enclosure on Hollerday Hill (Monument)
  • Prehistoric hillslope enclosure above Holworthy, Parracombe (Monument)
  • Prehistoric hut circle and field system on Martinhoe Common (Monument)
  • Prehistoric or later clearance cairns on Trentishoe Down (Monument)
  • Prehistoric settlement and field system in the Valley of Rocks (Monument)
  • Roe Barrow, South Common (Monument)
  • Roman fort at Rainsbury, Upton (Monument)
  • Sweetworthy deserted farmstead (Monument)
  • The Beacon Roman Fortlet, Martinhoe (Monument)
  • The Warren (Monument)
  • Three charcoal burning platforms northeast of Myrtleberry South Camp (Monument)
  • Undated boundary or hollow way on Ilkerton Ridge (Monument)
  • Undated lynchet on Kentisbury Down (Monument)
  • World War Two building complex on Holdstone Down (Monument)
  • World War Two military camp on Tippacot Ridge (Monument)
  • World War Two tank marshalling area in Moor Wood (Monument)
  • World War Two tank training range at Bossington and North Hill and Selworthy Beacon (Monument)

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  • 1993-1996: TS - West Exmoor Project
  • 1993: TS - Hillslope enclosure at Holworthy Farm

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