Source/Archive record SEM8643 - A field guide to Exmoor's traditional roadside fingerposts

Type Monograph
Title A field guide to Exmoor's traditional roadside fingerposts
Date/Year 2019
Publisher Exmoor National Park Authority
Edition/Volume 1st Edition
Exmoor National Park Historic Environment team
ENPA project name Signposts


A booklet published as part of a 2015-8 project surveying, conserving and researching Exmoor's historic signposts.

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  • 19th and 20th Century finger posts at Malmsmead (Building)
  • 19th and 20th Century signposts southwest of Cross Lane Farm, Allerford (Building)
  • 19th Century signpost at Webber's Post (Monument)
  • 20th Century signpost at Sminhays Corner (Building)
  • 20th Century signpost east of Hillhead East (Building)
  • 20th Century signpost north of Webber's Post, Luccombe (Building)
  • 20th Century signpost northeast of Hillhead (Building)
  • 20th Century signpost on Holly Tree Triangle, Exford (Building)
  • 20th Century signpost south of Chibbet Post (Building)
  • Beech Tree Cross / Lyddon's Hill signpost (Building)
  • Blagdon Cross signpost (Building)
  • Broad Lane Head signpost (Building)
  • Broad Lane, Exton (Monument)
  • Bury Cross / Dyehouse Cross signpost, Brompton Regis (Building)
  • Challacombe Cross signpost (Building)
  • Chapel Cross signpost, Luccombe (Building)
  • Chibbet Post signpost, Exford (Building)
  • Cloutsham Gate signpost (Building)
  • Combe Cross / Kipscombe Cross signpost, Countisbury (Building)
  • Comer's Cross signpost, Winsford (Building)
  • Crown Inn, Exford (Building)
  • Deer Park, southwest of Simonsbath (Monument)
  • Early 20th Century signpost at Holly Tree triangle (Monument)
  • Early 20th Century Youth Hostel in Exford (Building)
  • Fingerpost at southern end of Quarme Lane (Building)
  • Heath Poult Cross signpost, Cutcombe (Building)
  • Herepath or Harepath (Monument)
  • Hillhead Cross, Exford (Building)
  • Historic signpost at Comer's Cross (Building)
  • Late 19th or early 20th Century signpost at Raleigh's Cross (Monument)
  • Late 19th or early 20th signpost east of Sundial House, Wheddon Cross (Building)
  • Marshbridge Cross signpost (Building)
  • Original site of Raleigh's Cross (Monument)
  • Porlock Post / Luccombe Post signpost (Building)
  • Post-medieval cottage row on Park Street, Exford (Building)
  • Redpost or Red Post signpost, Luccombe (Building)
  • Signpost at bottom of Andrews Hill, Battleton (Building)
  • Spire Cross, Winsford Hill (Building)
  • The Exmoor Stores, Exford (Building)
  • White Post Cross signpost (Building)
  • Whitstone Post signpost (Building)

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