Thesaurus Term/Concept: PACKHORSE ROAD

Identifier 70268
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note Narrow, rough tracks often over upland routes used by packhorse trains to carry goods.

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Context Record
Monument Type MMO2800 A trackway of probable medieval or post medieval d... (Monument)
Monument Type MMO505 A trackway of probable medieval or post medieval d... (Monument)
Monument Type MSO12410 Medieval and post-medieval packhorse road south of Dure Down (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7126 Medieval and post-medieval routeway between Driver Cottages and Exe Head (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3179 Medieval and post-medieval routeways around Upper Willingford Corner (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3020 Medieval or post-medieval field system around Newland Cross (Monument)
Monument Type MSO9085 Medieval or post-medieval hollow ways or packhorse ways near Bat's Castle (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3027 Medieval or post-medieval packhorse road or hollow way at Sellbed Cross (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3012 Medieval or post-medieval packhorse roads north of Red Stone Gate (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3183 Medieval or post-medieval routeway on Hawkridge Plain (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2638 Medieval or post-medieval routeway on the west slopes of Furzehill Common (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3158 Medieval or post-medieval routeways at Red Ford (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2904 Medieval or post-medieval trackway or packhorse road on Little Halscombe (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2798 Medieval or post-medieval trackway south of Castle Common (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2636 Medieval or post-medieval trackways around Shallowford (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7005 Medieval packhorse track northeast of Mole's Chamber (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2902 Packhorse road south of Emmett's Grange (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2635 Possible medieval or post-medieval routeway southwest of Shallowford (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2739 Possible medieval or post-medieval routeways across Western Common (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3692 Possible trackway on eastern edge of Treborough Common (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7078 Post-medieval roads on Deer Park (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3142 Post-medieval routeways crossing The Allotment (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3135 Post-medieval routeways on Parsonage Down (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2159 Post-medieval trackway or bridlepath southeast of Driver Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MEM15653 Routeways at Ley Hill (Monument)