Thesaurus Term/Concept: STONE ALIGNMENT

Identifier 70188
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A single line, or two or more roughly parallel lines, of standing stones set at intervals along a common axis or series of axes.

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Context Record
Monument Type MDE1041 Alleged stone row on Holdstone Hill, Holdstone Down (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7893 Culbone Stone Row, Culbone Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MSO12238 Disputed double stone row on West Pinford (Monument)
Monument Type MSO12248 Disputed prehistoric stone setting on East Pinford (Monument)
Monument Type MSO12225 Disputed stone row or setting near East Pinford (Non-antiquity)
Monument Type MSO6820 East Pinford Stone Alignment (Monument)
Monument Type MDE8977 Furzehill Common III: Prehistoric stone alignment and associated burial cairn (Monument)
Monument Type MSO6948 Lanacombe I: Large stone setting at Lanacombe (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7093 Lanacombe V, a stone setting at Lanacombe (Monument)
Monument Type MSO6883 Madacombe stone row (Monument)
Monument Type MDE9895 Natural outcrop of stone on Cheriton Ridge (Non-antiquity)
Monument Type MSO7920 Porlock Common Stone Row (Monument)
Monument Type MEM25039 Possible prehistoric post holes or stone sockets on Hoccombe Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MSO12161 Possible prehistoric stone alignment at Bill Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MEM23034 Possible prehistoric stone row at Badgworthy Lees (Monument)
Monument Type MDE1272 Possible prehistoric stone row on the East of Hoccombe Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MEM24610 Possible prehistoric stone row on Warcombe Water (Monument)
Monument Type MEM23359 Possible prehistoric stone row on West Pinford (Monument)
Monument Type MSO6882 Possible prehistoric stone setting south of Black Barrow (Monument)
Monument Type MDE21492 Possible standing stone on Clannon Ball (Monument)
Monument Type MSO12234 Possible stone row on Honeycombe Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7924 Prehistoric double stone row on Porlock Common (Monument)
Monument Type MSO6809 Prehistoric double stone row on Squallacombe (Monument)
Monument Type MDE1278 Prehistoric double stone row or stone setting at Winnaway (Monument)
Monument Type MEM9 Prehistoric standing stone above Hoscombe (Monument)
Monument Type MEM8 Prehistoric standing stone at Kittuck Meads (Monument)
Monument Type MDE9888 Prehistoric stone row below the crest of Cheriton Ridge (Monument)
Monument Type MDE1189 Prehistoric stone row on Bray Common (Monument)
Monument Type MDE8974 Prehistoric stone row on Thornworthy Little Common (Monument)
Monument Type MSO12301 Prehistoric stone setting east of Lanacombe III (Monument)
Monument Type MDE1310 Prehistoric stone setting on east side of Cheriton Ridge (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7911 Prehistoric stone setting on Porlock Allotment (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7750 Prehistoric stone setting on Tom's Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7360 Prehistoric stone setting on Wilmersham Common (Monument)
Monument Type MSO6834 The Chains Valley Stone Setting (Monument)
Monument Type MSO6966 Trout Hill III: Prehistoric stone setting on the east side of Trout Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MSO6962 Two prehistoric standing stones at Long Chains Combe (Monument)
Monument Type MEM22610 Undated natural surface stone on The Chains (Non-antiquity)
Monument Type MDE1039 Undated parallel stone rows at West Middleton (Monument)
Monument Type MSO6810 White Ladder Stone Row (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7336 Wilmersham Common Stone Row (Monument)