Source/Archive record SEM8298 - Exmoor and West Somerset Signpost Survey Pilot

Type Unpublished document
Title Exmoor and West Somerset Signpost Survey Pilot
Date/Year 2015
ENPA project name Signpost
Child ENPHER Source Record reference SEM8519


In September and October 2015, a pilot project was conducted by volunteers to survey the historic signposts in and around the Exmoor area of Somerset. This was conducted electronically via an App and submitted to a spreadsheet hosted by Device Magic online, or via a paper survey sheet that was sent directly to ENPA. Data collection was curated by Patrick Watts-Mabbott and Catherine Dove.

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Referenced Monuments (88)

  • Beech Tree Cross / Lyddon's Hill signpost (Building)
  • Beech Tree signpost (Building)
  • Besom Cross signpost (Building)
  • Blagdon Cross signpost (Building)
  • Broad Lane Head signpost (Building)
  • Bury Cross signpost (Building)
  • Chapel Cross signpost (Building)
  • Chibbet Post signpost (Building)
  • Cloutsham Gate signpost (Building)
  • Combeshead Cross signpost (Building)
  • Coppleham Cross signpost (Building)
  • Couple Cross signpost (Building)
  • Eastern signpost at Five Cross Ways (Building)
  • Finger post adjacent to Exford Road Bridge, Winsford (Building)
  • Fingerpost at southern end of Quarme Lane (Building)
  • Frogwell Cross signpost (Building)
  • Goosemoor Cross signpost (Building)
  • Hartrow Gate Cross signpost (Building)
  • Headon Cross signpost (Building)
  • Heath Poult Cross signpost (Building)
  • Hillhead Cross (Building)
  • Lucott Cross signpost (Building)
  • Machine Cross signpost (Building)
  • Marshbridge Cross signpost (Building)
  • Mill Cross signpost (Building)
  • Pittcombe Head signpost (Building)
  • Porlock Post signpost (Building)
  • Quarme Hill Cross signpost (Building)
  • Redpost or Red Post signpost (Building)
  • Renford Knap signpost (Building)
  • Signpost at Ball Cottage, Winsford (Building)
  • Signpost at Blackford (Building)
  • Signpost at bottom of Andrews Hill, Battleton (Building)
  • Signpost at Edgcott (Building)
  • Signpost at Honeymead Two Gates (Building)
  • Signpost at Kings Corner, Dulverton (Building)
  • Signpost at Machine Cross north (Building)
  • Signpost at north end of Westcott Lane (Building)
  • Signpost at Pooltown (Building)
  • Signpost at Purley Ford (Building)
  • Signpost at Silly Bridge (Building)
  • Signpost at Sminhays Corner (Building)
  • Signpost at south end of Sanctuary Lane (Building)
  • Signpost at Upper Felons (or Vellars) Way (Building)
  • Signpost at Withiel Cross (Building)
  • Signpost at Withiel Hill (Building)
  • Signpost east of Bidgoods, Bury (Building)
  • Signpost east of Bossington Place Lodge, Porlock (Building)
  • Signpost east of Hillhead East (Building)
  • Signpost east of Sundial House, Wheddon Cross (Building)
  • Signpost east of the Culbone Inn (Building)
  • Signpost north of Gupworthy Farm (Building)
  • Signpost north of Porlockford (Building)
  • Signpost northeast of Hillhead (Building)
  • Signpost on Holly Tree Triangle, Exford (Building)
  • Signpost on Marsh Bridge junction of B3223 (Building)
  • Signpost on Tarr Steps junction of B3223 (Building)
  • Signpost south of Chibbet Post (Building)
  • Signpost south of Culver Cottage (Building)
  • Signpost south of Exford Bridge (Building)
  • Signpost south of Gillhams (Building)
  • Signpost south of Luckbarrow (Building)
  • Signpost south of Royal Oak Inn, Kingsbridge (Building)
  • Signpost south of The Todden, Porlock Weir (Building)
  • Signpost south of West Luccombe Farm (Building)
  • Signpost south of West Luccombe Farm (Building)
  • Signpost southeast of Cutcombe First School, Wheddon Cross (Building)
  • Signpost southeast of Orchard Knap, Doverhay, Porlock (Building)
  • Signpost southwest of Cross Lane Farm, Allerford (Building)
  • Signpost southwest of Dunkery Beacon Hotel, Wootton Courtenay (Building)
  • Signpost southwest of Hill View, Cowbridge (Building)
  • Signpost southwest of Luccombe Plantation (Building)
  • Signpost southwest of Luckbarrow (Building)
  • Signpost west of Bossington Green (Building)
  • Signpost west of Fairgarden, Porlock (Building)
  • Signpost west of Hinam Cross (Building)
  • Signpost west of Liscombe Farm (Building)
  • Spire Cross, Winsford Hill (Building)
  • Stags Head Cross signpost (Building)
  • Stolford Hill Cross signpost (Building)
  • Stone Cross signpost (Building)
  • Summerway Cross signpost (Building)
  • Treborough Cross signpost (Building)
  • Venniford Cross signpost (Building)
  • White Cross signpost (Building)
  • White Post Cross signpost (Building)
  • Whitstone Post signpost (Building)
  • Woolcotts signpost (Building)

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