Thesaurus Term/Concept: HILLSLOPE ENCLOSURE

Identifier 169983
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note An enclosure defined by a single bank and entrance. They occur on every type of ground, although they favour sheltered, valley side locations. Smaller and usually less well defended than hillforts they are thought to be settlements of Iron Age date.

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Context Record
Monument Type MSO7345 Bagley Hillslope Enclosure (Monument)
Monument Type MDE1022 Beacon Castle, South Down (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7896 Berry Castle, Luccombe (Monument)
Monument Type MSO9410 Black Ball Camp, Gallox Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MSO8318 Late prehistoric enclosure north of Hawkwell Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2604 Late prehistoric hillslope enclosure northwest North Hawkwell (Monument)
Monument Type MSO9087 Long Wood Enclosure (Monument)
Monument Type MDE1247 Myrtleberry North Camp (Monument)
Monument Type MDE1248 Myrtleberry South Camp (Monument)
Monument Type MDE21014 Possible hillslope enclosure southwest of Woodend Cottage (Monument)
Monument Type MDE21015 Possible hillslope enclosure southwest of Woodend Cottage (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2264 Possible late prehistoric earthwork enclosure on Wilmersham Common (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2091 Possible late prehistoric enclosure southwest of Dean Cross (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2862 Possible late prehistoric hillslope enclosure on Staddon Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7321 Possible medieval square enclosure or prehistoric hillslope enclosure on Doverhay Down (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2864 Possible prehistoric hillslope enclosure near summit of Room Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3039 Possible prehistoric hillslope enclosure south of Kitridge Lane (Monument)
Monument Type MDE10889 Prehistoric hillslope enclosure above Holworthy, Parracombe (Monument)
Monument Type MSO9191 Prehistoric hillslope enclosure on Codsend Moor (Monument)
Monument Type MDE1077 Prehistoric hillslope enclosure on Kentisbury Down (Monument)
Monument Type MDE1246 Roborough Castle (Monument)
Monument Type MDE1192 Shoulsbarrow Castle (or Shoulsbury Castle) on Shoulsbarrow Common (Monument)
Monument Type MSO11771 Spangate Farmstead, Wootton Courtenay (Monument)
Monument Type MSO8517 Staddon Hill Camp, Winsford (Monument)
Monument Type MDE1242 Stock Castle (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7333 Sweetworthy Enclosure (Monument)
Monument Type MSO8313 Timberscombe Hillslope Enclosure (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3044 Two possible late prehistoric or medieval enclosures on Kingsland Pits (Monument)
Monument Type MDE1019 Voley Castle, Heale Down (Monument)