Site Event/Activity record EEM14775 - 2015: SV - Scheduled Monument Condition Survey 2015





February/July 2015


Field survey of the condition of the Scheduled Monuments within the boundaries of Exmoor National Park.

Sources/Archives (1)

  • <1> Report: Gent, T. and Manning, P.. 2015. Exmoor National Park Scheduled Monument Condition Survey 2015. Archaedia.


No mapped location recorded.


Location Exmoor
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Related Monuments/Buildings (60)

  • 'Five Barrows', or nine Bronze Age barrows on Five Barrows Hill (Monument)
  • Anstey Barrow (Monument)
  • Bronze Age barrow and cairn, Rowbarrow Group (Monument)
  • Bronze Age barrow on Challacombe Common (Monument)
  • Bronze Age barrow on Great Tom's Hill (Monument)
  • Bronze Age barrow on Kipscombe Hill (Monument)
  • Bronze Age barrow on Parracombe Common (Monument)
  • Bronze Age Barrow on Shoulsbarrow Common (Monument)
  • Bronze Age barrow south of Brockenbarrow Farm (Monument)
  • Bronze Age barrow southeast of Down Linhay (Monument)
  • Bronze Age barrows on Fullaford Down (Monument)
  • Bronze Age bowl barrow on Bray Common (Monument)
  • Bronze Age bowl barrow on Bray Common (Monument)
  • Bronze Age bowl barrow on Farley Hill (Monument)
  • Bronze Age burial cairn north of Hoccombe Combe (Monument)
  • Bronze Age burial cairn on Cheriton Ridge (Monument)
  • Bronze Age burial cairn on Cheriton Ridge (Monument)
  • Bronze Age ring cairn on Cheriton Ridge (Monument)
  • Bronze Age round barrow on Higher Down (Monument)
  • Bronze Age Setta Barrow on Bray Common (Monument)
  • Cavudus or Cewydd's Stone, Six Acre Farm (Monument)
  • Circular earthwork on Parracombe Common (Monument)
  • Cow Castle, south of Winstitchen (Monument)
  • Deserted medieval settlement at Badgworthy Water (Monument)
  • Four Bronze Age barrows on Bray Common (Monument)
  • Four Bronze Age burial cairns on Ilkerton Ridge (Monument)
  • Great Rowbarrow (Monument)
  • Group of Bronze Age barrows on Challacombe Common (Monument)
  • Group of Bronze Age cairns at Dunkery Beacon (Monument)
  • Holwell Barrow, Challacombe Common (Monument)
  • Holwell Castle Motte and Bailey, Parracombe (Monument)
  • Little Rowbarrow (Monument)
  • Longstone Barrow, Challacombe Common (Monument)
  • Lyn Long Stones (Monument)
  • Prehistoric hut circles and enclosures on South Common (Monument)
  • Prehistoric stone setting on Badgworthy Lees (Monument)
  • Prehistoric stone setting on Furzehill Common (Monument)
  • Probable Bronze Age barrows on Cosgate Hill (Monument)
  • Rectangular earthwork and Bronze Age barrow on Challacombe Common (Monument)
  • Roborough Castle (Monument)
  • Seven Bronze Age barrows on Martinhoe Common (Monument)
  • Shoulsbarrow Castle (or Shoulsbury Castle) on Shoulsbarrow Common (Monument)
  • St Brendan's Church, Cheriton (Monument)
  • St Leonard's Well (Building)
  • Stock Castle (Monument)
  • The Beacon Roman Fortlet, Martinhoe (Monument)
  • Three barrows and a possible cairn on Challacombe Common (Monument)
  • Three Bronze Age barrows northeast of Brockenbarrow Farm (Monument)
  • Three Bronze Age barrows on Kentisbury Down (Monument)
  • Trentishoe Barrows on Trentishoe Down (Monument)
  • Twitchen Barrows (Monument)
  • Two Barrows on Rowley Down (Monument)
  • Two Barrows: A group of four Bronze Age barrows on a ridge at Hangley Cleave (Monument)
  • Two Bronze Age barrows on North Molton Ridge (Monument)
  • Two Bronze Age bowl barrows overlooking Warcombe Water (Monument)
  • Undated parallel stone rows at West Middleton (Monument)
  • Voley Castle, Heale Down (Monument)
  • West Anstey Barrows (Monument)
  • White Ladder Stone Row (Monument)
  • Wood Barrow on the Devon/Somerset County Boundary (Monument)

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