Thesaurus Term/Concept: BRIDGE

Identifier 70214
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A structure of wood, stone, iron, brick or concrete, etc, with one or more intervals under it to span a river or other space. Use specific type where known.

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Context Record
Monument Type MEM22691 19th Century bridge adjacent to Culbone Lodge (Building)
Monument Type MEM24870 19th century bridge over River Aller at Selworthy Farm (Building)
Monument Type MSO8547 19th Century bridge over Winn Brook, Exford Road, Winsford (Building)
Monument Type MSO10135 20th Century bridge in Simonsbath (Monument)
Monument Type MSO10140 20th Century bridge over Bale Water (Monument)
Monument Type MSO10136 20th Century Clovenrocks Bridge north east of Winstitchen Cross (Monument)
Monument Type MSO9331 Barle Bridge, Dulverton (Building)
Monument Type MSO12106 Castle Mill Bridge, Mill Lane, Dunster (Building)
Monument Type MEM24578 Chiselcombe Bridge (Monument)
Monument Type MSO10139 Coppleham Bridge, Coppleham Cross, Exton (Monument)
Monument Type MDE21777 Late 19th Century railway bridge south of Martinhoe Cross (Monument)
Monument Type MDE21765 Late 19th Century railway bridge west of Woody Bay Station (Monument)
Monument Type MSO9480 Medieval bridge at Castle Mill Bridge (Monument)
Monument Type MSO8006 New Bridge, Allerford (Building)
Monument Type MEM15373 Poorsland Adit at Ison Mine (Monument)
Monument Type MEM23933 Possible post-medieval bridge east of Battleton House (Monument)
Monument Type MSO10985 Possible post-medieval bridge in Longcombe (Monument)
Monument Type MSO11004 Post-medieval bridge abutment between Pinford and Beckham (Monument)
Monument Type MEM15565 Post-medieval bridge at Silcombe Combe (Building)
Monument Type MDE21851 Post-medieval bridge north of Kipscombe Farm (Building)
Monument Type MSO12063 Post-medieval bridge over River Avill in Dunster Old Park (Building)
Monument Type MSO10351 Post-medieval bridge south of Willingford Farm (Building)
Monument Type MSO6288 Ranscombe Settlement and medieval bridge (Place)
Monument Type MSO10646 Simonsbath Bridge (Building)
Monument Type MDE20660 Skentaway Bridge (Monument)
Monument Type MDE20662 Whitefield Bridge (Monument)
Monument Type MEM22401 Yearnor Mill Bridge (Building)