Thesaurus Term/Concept: SHEEP FOLD

Identifier 68663
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A pen or enclosure used for containing sheep.

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Context Record
Monument Type MSO10982 19th Century sheepfold at East Pinford (Monument)
Monument Type MSO10344 19th Century sheepfold west of Court Plantation (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7939 20th Century sheepfold on Porlock Allotment (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7940 20th Century sheepfold on Porlock Allotment (Monument)
Monument Type MSO6899 Buscombe Beeches, Lanacombe (Monument)
Monument Type MSO6988 Hoar Oak Cottage; 19th Century house and yard at entrance to Long Chains Combe (Monument)
Monument Type MSO6989 Hoaroak Hill Sheepfold (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7040 Kittuck Meads Sheepfold (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2919 Medieval or post-medieval enclosure southeast of Long Holcombe (Monument)
Monument Type MSO9255 Medieval or post-medieval rectangular enclosure in Mansley Combe (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2221 Possible post-medieval sheepfold east of Hoaroak Water (Monument)
Monument Type MSO6934 Possible post-medieval square enclosure on Great Woolcombe (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2481 Possible post-medieval stock enclosure on the eastern bank of Sparcombe Water (Monument)
Monument Type MSO11249 Possible post-medieval tree ring enclosure on Stone Down (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2917 Post-medieval enclosure below Halscombe (Monument)
Monument Type MDE21861 Post-medieval field boundary and associated features north of Kipscombe Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MEM22458 Post-medieval or modern sheep fold south of Hoaroak Cottage (Monument)
Monument Type MDE11649 Post-medieval sheepfold and quarrying remains on Kentisbury Down (Monument)
Monument Type MSO12508 Post-medieval sheepfold at Wheal Eliza (Monument)
Monument Type MSO10408 Post-medieval sheepfold east of Nettlecombe (Monument)
Monument Type MSO10970 Post-medieval sheepfold on Dure Down (Monument)
Monument Type MSO6921 Post-medieval sheepfold on Great Woolcombe (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7151 Undated enclosure north of Red Stone Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7377 Undated square enclosure at Thurley Combe (Monument)