Thesaurus Term/Concept: FLINT SCATTER

Identifier 70369
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A spatially discrete, though sometimes extensive, scatter of flint artefacts recovered from the surface, eg. by fieldwalking, rather than from a particular archaeological context.

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Context Record
Monument Type MSO12429 Bronze Age flint scatter on North Hill (Find Spot)
Monument Type MSO8853 Field called Flint Piece, Brompton Regis (Monument)
Monument Type MSO12189 Flint implement finds, Selworthy (Monument)
Monument Type MEM15200 Flint scatter at Hoccombe Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7889 Hawkcombe Head and Ven Combe Mesolithic flint working sites (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7581 Late prehistoric fint scatter west of Grexy Combe (Find Spot)
Monument Type MSO8014 Late prehistoric flint east of Selworthy Combe (Monument)
Monument Type MSO11313 Late prehistoric flint implement finds from Great Cooklands (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7579 Late prehistoric flint scatter at North Hill (Find Spot)
Monument Type MSO8020 Late prehistoric flint scatter at Tivington Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MEM22403 Late prehistoric flint scatter southwest of Goat Hill (Find Spot)
Monument Type MSO8409 Mesolithic flint from Cleeve Hill [outside Park boundary] (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7897 Mesolithic flint on Aldermans Barrow Allotment (Monument)
Monument Type MEM23273 Mesolithic flint scatters in Porlock Bay and Marsh (Find Spot)
Monument Type MSO8013 Neolithic and Bronze Age flint at Blackford Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7582 Neolithic and Bronze Age Implements found near Selworthy Beacon (Monument)
Monument Type MSO11233 Neolithic flint east of Ellicombe (Monument)
Monument Type MSO12187 Neolithic or Bronze Age flint implement finds east of Blackford (Monument)
Monument Type MSO12188 Neolithic or Bronze Age flint implement finds southwest of Venn Plantation (Monument)
Monument Type MSO10184 Prehistoric flint finds southwest of Selworthy Beacon (Find Spot)
Monument Type MEM15187 Prehistoric flint from track at Bagworthy Lees (Monument)
Monument Type MEM15186 Prehistoric flint from track off Scobhill Road on Farley Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MSO12186 Prehistoric flint implement finds northwest of Blackford (Monument)
Monument Type MDE1072 Prehistoric flint near Rowley Cross (Find Spot)
Monument Type MDE21785 Prehistoric flint northwest of Caffyns Heaton Down (Monument)
Monument Type MEM15185 Prehistoric flint northwest of Lankcombe Ford (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7530 Prehistoric flint on Minehead beach [outside Park boundary] (Monument)
Monument Type MSO12433 Prehistoric flint scatter at North Hill (Find Spot)
Monument Type MSO11949 Prehistoric flint scatter ay Lyncombe Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7592 Prehistoric flint scatter from North Hill (Find Spot)
Monument Type MSO8883 Prehistoric flint scatter west of St Mary Magdalene's Church (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7880 Submerged forest and flint finds at Porlock Weir (Monument)