Thesaurus Term/Concept: IRONSTONE WORKINGS

Identifier 69108
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A site where iron ore is extracted.

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Context Record
Monument Type MDE8284 18th or 19th Century mine workings on northern slopes of Little Hangman (Monument)
Monument Type MDE11203 19th Century ironstone mining remains on Martinhoe Common (Monument)
Monument Type MDE8286 19th Century mining remains above The Rawns (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3286 A post medieval extractive pit or quarry is visibl... (Monument)
Monument Type MMO277 Ironstone workings east of Sherrycombe (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7125 Ironstone workings southwest of Gammon's Corner (Monument)
Monument Type MMO938 Open cast iron workings on Lype Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MDE8287 Possible 19th Century mining remains east of Little Hangman (Monument)
Monument Type MEM23820 Possible 19th Century mining remains east of Pennycombe Water (Monument)
Monument Type MEM23780 Possible late medieval or early post-medieval iron mining remains at Carnarvon New Pit (Monument)
Monument Type MEM23821 Possible mining remains west of Pennycombe Wood (Monument)
Monument Type MEM23779 Possible Roman or early post-Roman ironworking remains at Carnarvon New Pit (Monument)
Monument Type MMO1754 Post-medieval extractive pit or quarry on Girt Down (Monument)
Monument Type MMO1759 Post-medieval extractive pits northwest of Town Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MMO1760 Post-medieval extractive pits southeast of Neck Wood Gut (Monument)
Monument Type MSO6812 Post-medieval iron workings 'The Roman Adit' at Cornham Ford (Monument)
Monument Type MDE11186 Post-medieval ironstone workings east of Cherryford Cottage Hotel (Monument)
Monument Type MSO12506 Post-medieval surface workings and adits at Wheal Eliza (Monument)
Monument Type MMO1747 Quarry pit, possible iron mining (Monument)
Monument Type MSO6804 Roman Lode Ironworkings (Monument)
Monument Type MEM15460 Roman or post-medieval ironworkings at Anstey Combe (Monument)