Thesaurus Term/Concept: LONGHOUSE

Identifier 104173
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A building that housed humans and cattle under one roof, with a shared entrance providing access to the cattle housing (usually downslope) and the dwelling area.

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Context Record
Monument Type MEM22692 Ash Farmhouse, Porlock (Building)
Monument Type MSO10791 Cloggs Farmhouse (Building)
Monument Type MMO213 Deserted medieval farmstead on western side of Bramble Combe (Monument)
Monument Type MMO39 Deserted Medieval Village, North Thorne [outside Park boundary] (Monument)
Monument Type MSO10446 Edbrooke House, Edbrooke, Winsford (Monument)
Monument Type MSO6265 Fair Garden Farmhouse (Building)
Monument Type MEM22258 Goulds and Myrtle Cottages, Luccombe (Building)
Monument Type MSO8345 Hazelry Farmstead, Treborough (Monument)
Monument Type MSO10683 Higher Doverhay Farmhouse, Doverhay, Porlock (Building)
Monument Type MSO9448 Kittswall Farm Old House (Building)
Monument Type MEM23734 Lower Blackland Farm, Withypool (Building)
Monument Type MEM22223 Lower Doverhay (previously Barn End), Porlock (Building)
Monument Type MSO10638 Luckesses Farmhouse, Edgcott (Building)
Monument Type MDE1277 Medieval field system and building remains above Hoccombe Water (Monument)
Monument Type MDE12830 Mortuary enclosure east of the Chapman Barrows (Monument)
Monument Type MEM23111 Natsley Farm (Building)
Monument Type MSO7461 Possible farmstead northeast of Kingsbridge (Monument)
Monument Type MEM22307 Ruined building at Lower East Lyn Farm (Building)
Monument Type MMO206 Smarmoor deserted medieval farmstead (Monument)
Monument Type MSO10573 The Cottage, Stoney Street, Luccombe (Building)
Monument Type MSO7747 Twitchen Farmstead, Oare (Monument)
Monument Type MDE21883 West Ilkerton Farmhouse (Building)