Thesaurus Term/Concept: BOUNDARY WALL

Identifier 70332
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note Any wall enclosing a building or complex of buildings, eg. prisons, dockyards, factories, etc.

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Context Record
Monument Type MEM24946 19th Century estate wall at Church Close (Building)
Monument Type MSO12118 19th Century stone wall on north side of Priory Green (Building)
Monument Type MEM22343 Boundary wall for St Vincent fronting Market Street, Lynton (Building)
Monument Type MEM22336 Boundary wall of church fronting Park Street / Lee Road, Lynton (Building)
Monument Type MEM22339 Boundary wall of Town Hall facing Lee Road, Lynton (Building)
Monument Type MEM22712 Boundary walls north of Bratton Court Farm (Building)
Monument Type MSO6806 Bronze Age Setta Barrow on Bray Common (Monument)
Monument Type MDE1032 Lee Abbey (Building)
Monument Type MDE20966 Manor House, Eastern Beach, Lynmouth (Building)
Monument Type MEM15576 Possible post-medieval boundary wall in Embelle Wood (Monument)
Monument Type MSO10660 Post-medieval barn at Yenworthy Farm, Oare (Building)
Monument Type MDE11690 Post-medieval enclosure walls and clearance cairns near Middle Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MEM24487 Post-medieval wall northeast of 18, Church Street (Monument)
Monument Type MEM24827 St Petrock's Churchyard, Timberscombe (Monument)
Monument Type MDE21884 The Homestead, East Ilkerton (Building)
Monument Type MDE21883 West Ilkerton Farmhouse (Building)