Thesaurus Term/Concept: PEAT STAND

Identifier 69158
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A structure used to dry peat on.

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Context Record
Monument Type MSO7418 Bronze Age burial cairn on Tarr Ball Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2963 Bronze Age Cairn on Horsen Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2386 Circular Mound, West of Brendon Two Gates (Monument)
Monument Type MSO6996 Ditched Mound, North West of Barkham (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7378 Group of mounds of various dates on Tarr Ball Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2393 Large Sub Circular Mound, Dure Down (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2399 Mound, Brendon Common (Monument)
Monument Type MDE8989 Possible Bronze Age barrow or post-medieval peat stack on Furzehill Common (Monument)
Monument Type MEM24483 Possible Post Medieval Mound on Verney's Allotment. (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7143 Possible post-medieval peat drying platforms near White Ladder Stone Row (Monument)
Monument Type MEM22676 Post-medieval mound on The Chains (Monument)
Monument Type MSO10172 Post-medieval peat stacks north of Larkbarrow Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MEM23897 Post-Medieval Peat Stand on Horsen Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2923 Probable post-medieval oval mound on Long Holcombe (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2486 Square Platform, Elsworthy (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2392 Sub Rectangular Mound, Dure Down (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2922 Two probable post-medieval oval mounds on Long Holcombe (Monument)