Thesaurus Term/Concept: SQUARE ENCLOSURE

Identifier 70367
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A square shaped area of land enclosed by a boundary ditch, bank, wall, palisade or similar barrier. Small square enclosures (with sides of less than c.20m) have been interpreted as the remains of square barrows of Iron Age date.

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Context Record
Monument Type MSO7647 Alleged undated square enclosure on North Hill (Non-antiquity)
Monument Type MSO6943 Disputed undated enclosure northeast of Warren Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MMO1598 Iron Age or Romano British enclosure on Stoneditch Hill [outside Park boundary] (Monument)
Monument Type MSO9113 Late prehistoric or medieval field system north of Withies Brake (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3131 Late prehistoric square enclosure east of Ashway (Monument)
Monument Type MMO1826 Medieval or post-medieval field boundary at southwest of Bonhill Top (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3337 Medieval or post-medieval field system on Dennington Moors [outside Park boundary] (Monument)
Monument Type MMO1864 Medieval or post-medieval square enclosure south of Thornworthy (Monument)
Monument Type MSO8327 Possible bowling green east of Timberscombe (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3259 Possible late prehistoric hut circle enclosure south of Yanhey [outside Park boundary] (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7321 Possible medieval square enclosure or prehistoric hillslope enclosure on Doverhay Down (Monument)
Monument Type MSO6934 Possible post-medieval square enclosure on Great Woolcombe (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2698 Possible post-medieval square enclosure on northern slopes of Luccombe Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MSO8181 Possible square enclosure at Combe Cross [outside Park boundary] (Monument)
Monument Type MMO1629 Post-medieval earthworks north of No Man's Land copse (Monument)
Monument Type MMO1833 Post-medieval enclosure and field boundary east of Martinhoe Cleave (Monument)
Monument Type MEM24665 Undated enclosure south of Week Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MEM24297 Undated enclosures and mound east of gravel pit on Porlock Common (Monument)