Thesaurus Term/Concept: VILLA

Identifier 68653
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A term for a type of house, with varying definitions according to period. Roman villas were high-status and usually associated with a rural estate, whereas Georgian and later period villas were often semi-detached, town houses.

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Context Record
Monument Type MDE20976 Bath Hotel with Pixie Dell, Lynmouth Street, Lynmouth (Building)
Monument Type MDE20965 Church Hill House, Lynton (Building)
Monument Type MEM22383 Clooneavin, Lynmouth (Building)
Monument Type MEM23609 Exe Vale House, Edbrooke Road, Winsford (Building)
Monument Type MDE21072 Holiday or Hollerday Hill House, Lynton (Monument)
Monument Type MEM22369 Lee House and Sea View, Lee Road, Lynton (Building)
Monument Type MDE20993 Lyn House, Sinai Hill, Lynton (Building)
Monument Type MEM24429 Lynbridge House (Building)
Monument Type MDE20981 Lynmouth Bridge Hotel, 18 Lynmouth Street (Building)
Monument Type MDE20973 Rock Lodge, Lydiate Lane, Lynton (Building)
Monument Type MEM22267 Seawood, North Walk, Lynton (Building)
Monument Type MDE20991 Shelley's Cottage Hotel (Building)
Monument Type MDE20982 St Vincent, Market Street, Lynton (Building)
Monument Type MSO6712 Stone, Exford (Building)
Monument Type MEM22335 The Gables and Southcliffe, Lee Road, Lynton (Building)
Monument Type MEM22370 The Turret, Lee Road, Lynton (Building)
Monument Type MEM22371 Victoria Lodge, Lee Road, Lynton (Building)