Thesaurus Term/Concept: BOUNDARY MARKER

Identifier 70327
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A marker of some form used to indicate the limit of an area or a piece of land.

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Context Record
Monument Type MDE10849 A boundary stone roughly rectangular in shape meas... (Monument)
Monument Type MSO6730 Alderman's Barrow, Almsworthy Common (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7900 Black Barrow (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7130 Bronze Age barrow on Broad Mead (Monument)
Monument Type MSO11248 Hernes Barrow, Court Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MSO6985 Hoar Oak Tree (Tree)
Monument Type MSO7000 Horsehead Stone (Monument)
Monument Type MDE10850 HORSEHEAD STONE (Monument)
Monument Type MSO6855 Kittuck Barrow, or site of Kite Oak boundary marker (Monument)
Monument Type MSO6880 Lanacombe Barrow (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7757 LANACOMBE BARROW (Monument)
Monument Type MSO6734 Lark Barrow (Monument)
Monument Type MSO6865 LARK BARROW (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7941 Medieval boundary stone south of Black Barrow (Monument)
Monument Type MSO10030 Possible undated cairn on Croydon Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MDE1325 The Saddle Stone boundary stone is recorded from d... (Monument)
Monument Type MSO6852 The site of the Hooked Stone thought to be a bound... (Monument)
Monument Type MSO6807 Two Barrows: A group of four Bronze Age barrows on a ridge at Hangley Cleave (Monument)
Monument Type MDE1283 Wood Barrow on the Devon/Somerset County Boundary (Monument)