Thesaurus Term/Concept: TELEPHONE BOX

Identifier 68690
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A freestanding public call box, containing a telephone and usually operated by inserting coins.

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Context Record
Monument Type MEM23723 K6 telephone box adjacent to The Pound, Brompton Regis (Building)
Monument Type MEM23725 K6 telephone box at Luckwell Bridge (Building)
Monument Type MEM23719 K6 telephone box east of Brendon Village Hall (Building)
Monument Type MEM23724 K6 telephone box east of The Chapel, Bury (Building)
Monument Type MEM23721 K6 telephone box east of The Mill House, Parracombe (Building)
Monument Type MEM23727 K6 telephone box in Simonsbath (Building)
Monument Type MEM23729 K6 telephone box north of Red Door Farm, Exton (Building)
Monument Type MEM23732 K6 telephone box north of the filling station, Withypool (Building)
Monument Type MEM23726 K6 telephone box on Amory Road, Dulverton (Building)
Monument Type MEM23722 K6 telephone box on Church Lane, Parracombe (Building)
Monument Type MEM23720 K6 telephone box outside the Post Office, Challacombe (Building)
Monument Type MEM23730 K6 telephone box south of Rose Cottage, Roadwater (Building)
Monument Type MEM23728 K6 telephone box southwest of Badgers Holt, Bridgetown Exton (Building)
Monument Type MEM23731 K6 telephone box west of Jenkins Farm, Rodhuish (Building)
Monument Type MSO12305 K6 Telephone kiosk (Dunster 821323), Park Street, Dunster (Building)
Monument Type MSO12306 K6 Telephone kiosk (Dunster 821390), The Ball, Dunster (Building)
Monument Type MSO10274 K6 Telephone kiosk (Winsford 211), Winsford (Building)
Monument Type MSO10271 K6 Telephone Kiosk, Allerford (Building)
Monument Type MSO12314 K6 Telephone Kiosk, Bridge Street, Dulverton (Building)
Monument Type MEM22710 K6 telephone kiosk, Roadwater (Building)
Monument Type MSO10261 K6 telephone kiosk, Timberscombe (Building)
Monument Type MSO10263 K6 telephone kiosk, Wootton Courtney (Building)
Monument Type MSO10259 K6 telephone kiosk,Wheddon Cross (Building)
Monument Type MEM22350 Telephone box adjacent to Lyndale Bridge, Lynmouth (Building)
Monument Type MEM24450 Telephone box outside village hall, Hawkridge (Building)
Monument Type MEM22732 Telephone box outside Village Hall, Porlock (Building)
Monument Type MEM22730 Telephone box, Hawkcombe (Building)
Monument Type MEM22731 Telephone box, High Street, Porlock (Building)
Monument Type MEM22329 Telephone box, Lynmouth Street, Lynmouth (Building)
Monument Type MEM22237 Telephone box, Porlock Weir (Building)
Monument Type MDE21384 Telephone box, Twitchen (Building)
Monument Type MEM22147 Telephone Kiosk, Bossington (Building)
Monument Type MSO10260 Telephone kiosk, Kingsbridge (Building)
Monument Type MEM22260 Telephone Kiosk, Luccombe (Building)