Thesaurus Term/Concept: SHRUNKEN VILLAGE

Identifier 69006
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A settlement where previous house sites are now unoccupied, but often visible as earthworks, crop or soil marks.

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Context Record
Monument Type MMO140 A possible Medieval shrunken village has been reco... (Monument)
Monument Type MSO6269 BARROW (Monument)
Monument Type MMO683 Former farm or cottages west of Withiel Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MSO8310 Medieval hamlet of Burrow or Barrow (Place)
Monument Type MSO11176 Medieval shrunken hamlet of Codsend (Monument)
Monument Type MSO11555 Medieval shrunken village at Yearnor (Monument)
Monument Type MMO1750 Possible medieval settlement west of Slocombeslade (Monument)
Monument Type MSO11697 Possible post-medieval shrunken farmstead at Little Ash (Monument)
Monument Type MMO1947 Possible settlement remains between High Bullen and East Ilkerton (Monument)
Monument Type MSO8690 Possible shrunken settlement at Westwater Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MMO877 Shrunken settlement north of West Howetown (Monument)
Monument Type MEM23318 Shrunken settlement of Pool Town, Luxborough (Place)
Monument Type MSO11451 Shrunken village at Woodford (Monument)
Monument Type MEM23292 West Luccombe (Place)