Thesaurus Term/Concept: WEIR

Identifier 70467
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A dam constructed on the reaches of a canal or river designed to retain the water and to regulate its flow.

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Context Record
Monument Type MDE21141 19th Century mill pond northeast of West Hill Plantation (Monument)
Monument Type MEM22963 20th Century weir at West Lynch (Building)
Monument Type MEM22964 20th Century weir at West Lynch (Building)
Monument Type MEM23003 20th Century weir near Holnicote (Building)
Monument Type MSO11267 Edgcott Mill, Exford (Monument)
Monument Type MSO6304 Medieval farmstead at Huntsham (Monument)
Monument Type MSO11352 Nutscale mill (Building)
Monument Type MSO8590 Pitcott Corn Mill, Winsford (Monument)
Monument Type MEM15325 Possible 19th Century weir adjacent to The Incline (Monument)
Monument Type MEM24269 Post-medieval leat south of North Radworthy (Monument)
Monument Type MEM24850 Post-medieval weir and sluice east of Bury Castle (Monument)
Monument Type MDE21111 Post-medieval weir at Ash Ford (Monument)
Monument Type MEM22942 Post-medieval weir at Horner (Building)
Monument Type MDE21087 Post-medieval weir at Leeford (Monument)
Monument Type MDE21887 Post-medieval weir on Dane's Brook (Monument)
Monument Type MDE21035 Post-medieval weir west of Lee Abbey (Monument)
Monument Type MEM23676 Puzzlecombe Weir (Monument)
Monument Type MEM24926 Shetter's Pool and post-medieval weir north of Bridgetown (Monument)
Monument Type MDE21060 Weir at Lynton Mill (Monument)
Monument Type MEM21943 Weir on the River Barle, Dulverton (Monument)