Thesaurus Term/Concept: DAIRY

Identifier 68557
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A building or group of buildings used for the making, processing, storing and selling of milk and other dairy products.

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Context Record
Monument Type MEM23055 19th Century animal shed at Barton Town Farm (Building)
Monument Type MSO10620 Combe Farmhouse, Combe Lane, Withycombe (Building)
Monument Type MDE21289 Cottage east of Court Place, Churchtown, Parracombe (Building)
Monument Type MEM22352 Dean Farmhouse (Building)
Monument Type MEM21997 Fishers' Dairy, Lady Street, Dulverton (Monument)
Monument Type MSO10743 Former rectory, Selworthy (Building)
Monument Type MEM22353 Gazebo north of Combe Park Hotel (Building)
Monument Type MDE21370 Hannaford Farmhouse (Building)
Monument Type MDE21347 Higher Cheriton Farmhouse (Building)
Monument Type MSO7635 Hindon Farm, Bratton (Monument)
Monument Type MDE21317 Lower South Dean Farmhouse (Building)
Monument Type MDE21346 Manor Farmhouse, Cheriton (Building)
Monument Type MDE21371 West Bentwitchen Farmhouse (Building)
Monument Type MDE20305 Wilsham Farmhouse (Building)