Thesaurus Term/Concept: WALLED GARDEN

Identifier 71404
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A garden surrounded by a substantial wall.

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Context Record
Monument Type MEM23797 19th Century walled garden west of Combe Park country house (Monument)
Monument Type MEM24700 Melcombe Lodge, Barn and Bungalow, Exford (Building)
Monument Type MEM22569 Old Shute Farm (Building)
Monument Type MEM24706 Post-medieval rectory gardens, Luccombe (Monument)
Monument Type MEM24763 Post-medieval walled garden at Burrow Farm (Building)
Monument Type MEM24810 Post-medieval walled garden east of Dunster Castle (Monument)
Monument Type MSO10501 Post-medieval walled gardens at Nettlecombe Court (Building)
Monument Type MEM22261 Walled Garden at Luccombe (Monument)
Monument Type MEM23099 Walner Farm (Building)