Thesaurus Term/Concept: AIRCRAFT CRASH SITE

Identifier 133135
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A site which is known, or believed to be, where an aircraft crashed. It is an offence to interfere with the wreckage of crashed military aircraft without a licence (Protection of Military Remains Act 1986).

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Context Record
Monument Type MEM15246 Aircraft crash site at Sparkhayes (Monument)
Monument Type MEM6 Aircraft Crash Site, Court Down (Monument)
Monument Type MSO12555 B17 'Flying Fortress' crash site at Long Holcombe (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7090 RAF Bomber crash site at Sherdon (Monument)
Monument Type MEM15551 Second World War Halifax crash site in Yearnor Wood (Monument)
Monument Type MEM23145 Westgate Cottages (Building)
Monument Type MDE14813 World War Two aircraft crash site at North Radworthy (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7938 World War Two aircraft crash site on Porlock Beach (Monument)
Monument Type MEM24425 World War Two German Junkers aircraft crash site at Bougham Wood (Monument)
Monument Type MEM24877 World War Two Stirling crash site near Bridgetown (Monument)