Thesaurus Term/Concept: DRAIN

Identifier 70441
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note An artificial channel for draining water or carrying it off.

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Context Record
Monument Type MMO2507 19th Century drainage ditches, Alderman's Barrow Allotment (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2411 19th or 20th Century drainage on Ware Ball (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2360 A pair of post medieval contour leats are visible ... (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2225 A post medieval gutter or drain is visible as an e... (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2348 A post medieval leat or field gutter is visible on... (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2352 An area of post medieval, probably 19th or even 20... (Monument)
Monument Type MEM15444 Contour Channel, Sherracombe (Monument)
Monument Type MEM21902 Culverts and Drains Under the High Street, Dulverton (Monument)
Monument Type MEM15433 Ditch, Sherracombe. (Monument)
Monument Type MEM15435 Ditch, Sherracombe. (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2473 Drainage Ditches, Beckham and East Pinford Hill (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3802 Fragments of a possible Post Medieval water meadow... (Monument)
Monument Type MDE21543 Post-medieval drain northeast of Smallacombe (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2350 Post-medieval drain west of Duredon Farm (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3203 Post-medieval drainage system on Humbers Ball and Hawkridge Plain (Monument)
Monument Type MMO1055 Post-medieval farmstead [outside Park boundary] (Monument)
Monument Type MSO9403 Post-medieval field boundaries at Quick Moor [outside Park boundary] (Monument)
Monument Type MMO1105 Post-medieval field boundaries west of Nutsford House (outside Park boundary] (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2244 Post-medieval water channels from Hoar Moor to the River Quarme (Monument)
Monument Type MMO1017 Post-medieval water meadow north of Wimbleball Wood (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2361 Several post medieval, probably 19th century drain... (Monument)
Monument Type MMO3797 The possible remains of a post medieval drains or ... (Monument)