Thesaurus Term/Concept: DEER PARK

Identifier 68589
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note A large park for keeping deer. In medieval times the prime purpose was for hunting.

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Context Record
Monument Type MDE1442 Bottreaux Deer Park [outside Park boundary] (Monument)
Monument Type MDE904 Deer Park, King's Nympton [outside Park boundary] (Monument)
Monument Type MSO9086 Dunster Old Park (Monument)
Monument Type MSO9088 Dunster Park (Monument)
Monument Type MSO11455 Great Park; post-medieval deer park southwest of Nettlecombe Court (Monument)
Monument Type MSO9101 Marshwood Deerpark [outside Park boundary] (Monument)
Monument Type MMO2408 Medieval or post-medieval enclosures east of Badgworthy Water (Monument)
Monument Type MSO7698 North Park; medieval deer park northeast of Nettlecombe Court (Monument)
Monument Type MSO9421 OLD PARK (Monument)
Monument Type MDE1220 Old Park Deer Park, East of Bampfylde Beacon [outside Park boundary] (Monument)
Monument Type MSO9334 Pixton Park, Dulverton (Monument)
Monument Type MSO11647 Possible park southwest of Upton Farm, Upton (Monument)
Monument Type MSO8156 Post-medieval deer park at Combe Sydenham (Monument)
Monument Type MSO11971 Post-medieval deer park near Simonsbath (Monument)