Identifier 147552
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note The interpretation of information on aerial photographs from aircraft, remote-controlled aircraft (drones) or satellites, usually resulting in records of archaeological sites and landscapes. For mapping projects use 'aerial investigation and mapping'.

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Context Record
Event Type EMO6715 1995: AP - Wester Shircombe Project (RCHME) (Event - Intervention)
Event Type EMO6759 1996: RCHME - East Exmoor Project (Event - Survey)
Event Type EMO6851 1998: AP - Brendon Hills National Mapping Project (Event - Intervention)
Event Type EEM14908 1999: AP - Parracombe Project (Event - Interpretation)
Event Type EEM14906 2007-2009: AP - Exmoor National Park NMP (Event - Survey)
Event Type EEM14558 AP: 2010-11 - EH Aerial Reconnaissance (South) (Event - Survey)
Event Type EEM13963 Archaeological Survey of the East Water Valley, Stoke, Wilmersham and Pool Woods, and Horner Wood (Event - Survey)
Event Type EEM13974 Culbone Woods; a Preliminary Archaeological Survey for Management Purposes (Event - Survey)
Event Type EEM13966 Exmoor Iron (Event - Intervention)
Event Type EEM13977 Horner Wood 1995; An Archaeological Survey of Stoke Wood and Ten Acre Cleave (Event - Survey)
Event Type EMO13643 RCHME: Air Photograph Primary Recording Project (Event - Intervention)