Source/Archive record SEM8397 - Bradimoor, Exmoor: Combined earth resistance and gradiometer survey

Type Report
Title Bradimoor, Exmoor: Combined earth resistance and gradiometer survey
Date/Year 2014
Carey Consulting report
ENPA project name EMLPS


This report details the combined geoprospection survey at Bradimoor, Exmoor. The survey was commissioned as part of the ‘Heart of Exmoor Project’ and aimed to investigate two distinct earthwork monuments at Bradimoor. The first of these monuments to the north of the survey area is a rectangular enclosure, which has a tentative medieval date applied to it, based on morphological characteristics. Secondly, a heavily truncated ovoid enclosure is located within the southern part of the site, which is tentatively morphologically dated as a Bronze Age – Iron Age enclosure. The survey area is located on a moderately steep south facing hillside and was covered with currently undated ridge and furrow, although a late medieval date is likely for this form of agricultural practice. The presence of ridge and furrow has significance for two reasons. Firstly, the presence of ridge and furrow attests to significant presumably medieval activity within the locality, which has potential significance for the interpretation of the Bradimoor enclosure. Secondly, the ridge and furrow will influence both magnetic and resistance readings, which can potentially affect shallow geoprospection surveys. The survey included both earth resistance and gradiometric techniques, over a survey area of c. 1.5Ha. The survey was conducted in variable weather conditions during June 2013 by members of the local community, staff from ENPA and Carey Consulting, and a masters placement student from the University of Kingston. The earth resistance survey produced significant results. The abundant ridge and furrow had little effect on the quality of the earth resistance results, which was in stark contrast to the magnetic data. Overall, the large ditched rectangular enclosure was well defined by the earth resistance survey, with a series of internal features visible. The probable prehistoric enclosure to the south was more difficult to see in the earth resistance data, although several possible features were interpreted.

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