Thesaurus Term/Concept: SURVEY

Identifier 145131
Status Preferred
Index? Yes
Scope Note The non intrusive processes by which information is collected about the location, distribution and organisation of past human activities. The approaches can be either extensive or intensive depending the objectivies that need to be addressed.

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Context Record
Event Type EEM14687 1994: DBA; WS - Long Holcombe (Event - Survey)
Event Type EEM14730 2011: WS- Emmett's Grange (Event - Survey)
Event Type EEM14161 2012 - TS: Pinkworthy (or Pinkery) Pond, Mires Project (Event - Survey)
Event Type EEM14724 2017: DBA; WS - Withypool Hill (Event - Survey)
Event Type EEM14682 2017: WS - Larkbarrow, Mires Project (Event - Survey)
Event Type EEM14754 2018: DBA; TS - Glenthorne Estate (England Coast Path) (Event - Survey)