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The Field Archaeology of Exmoor monographDid you know?

You can now download English Heritage's monograph, The Field Archaeology of Exmoor by Hazel Riley and Rob Wilson-North, from the ADS website.

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Below is a list of the reference collection currently held by the HER that is available to view at our offices in Dulverton. You can browse the lists below or use your web browser to search for a particular title or author by holding CTRL and F on your keyboard.

If you'd like to arrange an appointment to view any of these items, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Pamphlets and leaflets

Aerial Photographs

Historic Maps

Reports (separate web page)

Journals and Newsletters

Archaeology in the Severn Estuary: Annual Report of the Severn Estuary Levels Research Committee - 3 (1992); 6 (1995) to 16 (2005)

Council for British Archaeology South-West Journal - 1 (Spring 1998) to 12 (Winter 2004); 14 (Winter 2005) to 22 (December 2008)

Devon Archaeological Society Newsletter - 89 (Autumn 2003) to 96 (Spring 2007); 98 (Autumn 2007) to 102 (January 2009); 104 ( September 2009) to 112 (May 2012); 114 (January 2013); 121 (May 2015) to 123 (January 2016); 125 (September 2016) to 126 (January 2017)

Devon Archaeological Society Proceedings - 48 (1990) to 54 (1996); 56 (1998) to 71 (2013)

Exmoor Mines Research Group Newsletter - 21 (July 2002); 23 (July 2003); 34 (April 2009) to 35 (October 2009); 37 (December 2010) to 40 (December 2012)

Exmoor Review -  3 (1961) to 56 (2015)

Journal of the West Somerset Village History Society - 35 (2010)

North Devon Archaeological Society Newsletter - 1 (Summer 2001) to 14 (Winter 2007/8) - These are also available online for free at ndas.org.uk.

Proceedings of the Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society - 133 (1989) to 156 (2013) - This is now also being made available online for free; visit the SANHS Proceedings webpage to view currently available articles.

Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society Newsletter - 72 (Autumn 2005) to 78 (Autumn 2008); 80 (Autumn 2009); 82 (Autumn 2010); 84 (Autumn 2011) to 86 (Autumn 2012) 88 (Autumn 2013)

Somerset Industrial Archaeology Society Bulletin - 1 (1976); 46 (December 1987) to 80 (April 1999); 110 (April 2009) to 125 (April 2014); 128 (April 2015); 130 (December 2015) to 134 (April 2017)

Somerset Industrial Archaeology Society Survey - 4 to 6; 9; 10

West Somerset Village History Society Journal - 35 (2010)

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Booklets, Pamphlets and Leaflets

Abbots Bickington to Zeal Monachorum: A handlist of Devon parish histories compiled on the occasion of the centenary of parish councils (1994; Devon County Council Libraries, Exeter)

Badgworthy: A lost medieval landscape & the legendary home of Lorna Doone (Exmoor National Park Authority)

Building on Exmoor or its Approaches in West Somerset (RW Dale, Somerset County Council)

Challacombe: The story of an Exmoor village (by Christopher Tull, 2006)

Cleeve Abbey, Somerset (by Stuart Harrison, 2000; English Heritage)

The Combe Martin Mines (by Peter F Claughton, 1992; Combe Martin Local History Group - Engine House Series No. 1)

Elworthy St Martin of Tours, Somerset (by Robert Dunning, 1987; Redundant Churches Fund)

Exmoor Drives (by Nicholas Forde, 1978; Books of Wessex Ltd)

Exmoor Locations: An index of Exmoor places (1982; Alcombe Books, Minehead)

Exmoor's Archaeology: Early Man (by LV Grinsell, 1987; Exmoor National Park Authority)

Geometric Patterns from Roman Mosaics and how to draw them (by Robert Field, 2002; Tarquin Publications, Diss)

A Guide to the Archaeology of Dartmoor (Dartmoor National Park Authority, 2003; ISBN 1841142263)

Historic Buildings and Planning Policies (by David Pearce, 1979; Council for British Archaeology; ISBN 0900312912)

Houndtor: Deserted medieval settlement (Dartmoor National Park Authority, 2002; ISBN 0905981073)

The House at Ashley Combe (by Barbara Milne)

The Lynmouth Flood Disaster: A village guide (by Tim Prosser, 2004)

Merrivale: An archaeological landscape (Dartmoor National Park Authority, 2004; ISBN 0905981316)

North Devon Watermills (edited by Josephine Thorpe, 1989; North Devon Archaeological Society, Barnstaple; ISBN 0951468103)

The Parish Church of St Mary's, Molland: A short guide (by the Rev. RE Shorter, 1997)

Roadwater Methodist Chapel

St Beuno's Church, Culbone (printed by Exmoor Printers)

St Beuno's, Culbone: The smallest complete parish church in England (by Charles G Layley, 1985; Culbone Parochial Church Council)

St Brendan The Navigator: A brief history (by Vernon Hall)

St Luke's, Exmoor (Simonsbath): Church guide

St Petroc's Church, West Anstey: Historical notes and guide (by Barbara Best, 1997)

Stoke Pero, Exmoor: Church and parish (by John Usmar, 1990)

The Story of Roadwater (by members of Roadwater Women's Institute, 1953)

They took the Lifeboat up the Mountainside and the Lynmouth Flood Disaster (by William T Baker, 1969)

Tom Faggus: The North Devon highwayman (by SE Latham)

Upton Methodist Chapel Centenary 21st - 23rd July 1978 (1978)

Walks on North Hill, Minehead (Exmoor National Park)

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Aerial Photographs

© Devon County Council (1990)

© English Heritage (1952, 1996-1999, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013)

© Kester Webb (2006)

© Royal Air Force (1946 - 1948)

© West Air Photography (1981-1983)

© Getmapping (1995, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2013)

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Historic maps

We hold digital copies of the following maps:

Tithe maps (but not the apportionments)

1st Edition Ordnance Survey maps, six inch edition

1st Edition Ordnance Survey maps, twenty five inch edition

2nd Edition Ordnance Survey maps, six inch edition

2nd Edition Ordnance Survey maps, twenty five inch edition

Our external websites page provides links to sources of other map editions.

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